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Welcome To Florida

    Ever wonder why a walk on the beach makes you feel great?  

    As waves crest and spill ashore, they release negative ions into the air. Our bodies, because we're on land, have positive ions. So as we breathe in the sea air, we're recharged.

   So imagine a place nearly surrounded by energizing oceans. It's no coincidence that so many productive, enjoyable meetings are held in Florida. 

     And it's a wonderful mix: Magical theme parks. Outstanding places to stay and enjoy. Think of the golf and deep sea fishing! Great sporting events year 'round. Out of this world cuisine. A launching pad to the stars. Back on earth, breathtaking sunsets, vacation recreation, on land and sea, plus Ponce de Leon's legendary Fountain of Youth. Well, maybe now it's a cosmetic factory. But you get the point. 

     A refreshing getaway for business or incentive meetings. With all the comforts of close to home.

   People come from all over the world to Florida. People just like you. And while the visitor's bureau doesn't mention negative ions, meetings are highly conducive to teambuilding, learning and ideas. Although it could be the night life too. Or the music. From Country to Salsa to Regae...and Margaritaville.  

   How about your incentive trip aboard one of the 38 new cruise ships that sail from Florida. See Presentations @ Sea.

   Better yet, an opportune conversation with a new business contact. Networking, right here at home. So before you book an event, consider the possibilities of Florida, year 'round. And with Results Speaker Robert Kutchera your meeting will have "Inspired Success!" Besides where else can you play nine holes and call it a breakout session.

 Florida, almost an island. Connected to the mainland. 

 And your escape.

Hillsboro lighthouse where Robert is standing (above) has sea weed on the beach. Why? 

Sea Turtles come ashore to nest and lay eggs in the sand. These areas, about 3 meters square, are marked and roped off. Meanwhile, the beach is kept as natural as possible with the seaweed that washes ashore. Sea Turtles also need darkness at night so signs are posted so that shore lights are directed away from the beach. (makes it nice for humans to stargaze too). Later, baby Sea Turtles hatch and swim out to sea. 





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