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Inspired Presentations

For an Upbeat, Prolific Workplace:

"Do or Do Not...There Is No Try"


This has everything to do with Advancing Your Opportunities.

That's whatResults Speaker® Robert Kutchera actively installs.


Great Workplace Program Results


Irresistible Communication™ Dialogue, Listening & Awareness grab you. Laws of Success kick in.


Competitive Thinking™   The Imaginative Brain: Creates Accomplishment through Action.


Wellness Prosperity™ Time-Released Stress Reduction for team flexibility, collaborative support.


Health Care Humorist A breath of wellness fresh air with Humor Good Enough To Tell Mom"™.


Leadership Revenue™ Enterprise management partnerships; customer loyalty & commitment.


The Happiness Trail™  Significant initiatives for an adventurous, purposeful & well-deserved life. 


Destiny Mentoring™   Your unrivaled mental software, abilities & dreams take a brilliant new track.


Wholesome Cash™ Entertaining emcee & stage management: Best fundraising tool for non-profits. 


Cultural Castanets™ Winning multi-cultural diversity and your good fortune: For mutual winning conditions.


Values Literacy™   How co-workers, clients, prospects, investors, competitors and media stay true.


Sales Fitness™ The rewarded way: Sales-listening, Great morale, No paralyzing fear, and a dash of laughter.


Cognitive Humor Psychology® Gathers all your senses, including happiness, to life-achieve.


The Storm Recovery Solution™: Overcomes reluctance to plan for safety and workplace 

                                               productivity before & after The Big Breeze,  restoring lost time & schedules. 


Behind The Topics...


   A Meeting Asks You To Give Up Valuable Time In Exchange For A Great Benefit. 

Here's Your Guarantee:

    Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera's customized presentations provide a detailed outline for your feedback and approval. Only then are you sure you're getting top value for your meeting dollar. A celebrity or sports figure doesn't offer that. Besides attendees have busy lives. Make it rewarding for everyone.


Here's a meeting secret:  

An effective speaker who understands your corporate culture will seamlessly complement the organization so there's continuity. 

That's the secret to lasting benefit.    



Why Robert Kutchera Is An Effective, Inspiring Speaker...


   He lost his freedom of speech as an American teenager studying abroad when a military revolution took over the government. If any speaker knows the priceless value of words, of imparting wisdom, it is Robert.


    Robert is also that rare professional speaker who has lived and accepted feedback from his audience, by living with them 24/7 aboard international cruise ships for nine years. Not many presenters can say that. In fact, he interacted with hundreds of thousands of passengers and crew. From across America and around the world. He listened and learned. 


   That's where his fascinating, perceptive stories come from. Also as a Psychiatric Adjunctive Therapist, he's sensitive to how individuals receive and benefit from new information. That's why these programs are like nothing you've ever seen: Thought-provoking, timely and optimistic. And that's your guarantee for success. 




Interpersonal Communication "Your Most Important Business Relationship"


Customer Service  "Winning Conditions & Attitudes"


Teambuilding  "We're Better, TOGETHER"


Sales Fitness™ "Exercising Your Allies"


Life Balance  "The Happiness Trail"


Freedom  "Individual Blessings"


Diversity  "The Secret Language Of Success"    


Humor "The Power of Ümor"

      Customized Topics that support individual and team development. 


And now for something...Entertaining! 

     For as long as people have gathered in meetings, humor's been welcome.  But consider this: Humor in isolation doesn't reinforce the message. Done right, it transforms recognition events, sales meetings and training. Robert makes everyone on your team feel special. And connected to objectives. 


    And the humor's right on target. Because it's where an audience lives. Observational humor about how people deal with work life, and life after work. It's laugh out loud fun. Showing humorous ways to deal with an ever-busier life.


    Bottom line: Robert strategically reinforces goals and objectives. So while they laugh, they say "Ah-ha! ...I see." Robert is marvelously kind and absolutely in good taste. "It's Humor Good Enough To Tell Mom."™  


    Robert should know. He performed before every audience imaginable aboard international cruise ships. So if adults and kids as well as their grandparents all laughed, it was the right kind of humor. Robert knows what an audience likes.


    Here's something interesting about your sense of humor. 

The word humor comes from the Latin word Ümor, meaning to be fluid, so it's you balance too. 

Psychologists say we should have 15 laughs a day for good mental health. And that three of those should be belly laughs. (Pre-schoolers laugh over 400 times daily).  Robert's humor is good mental balance for productive meetings and learning.


      Robert Kutchera can provide several business topics, along with a humor program at a multi-day event, keeping you within budget with an outstanding timely message.


Get Ready For Your Inspired Success™!


   You Now Have 

Results Speaker ® Robert Kutchera

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  



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