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Health Care Workplace Strategies

   Something To Think About: Health Care Professionals have the highest level of interpersonal communication.  

Yet poor communication today is the result of more errors. How we interact with coworkers has a financial impact on retention too.

Replacing an experienced worker of any age 

can cost 50% or more of annual salary.

   Another concern is presumed attention in training. If after orientation, they leave with the same body language they came in, listening is taking a hit. 

  Training and staff meetings that are experiential, vivid and heartfelt, key into memory like nothing else. Recharging focus and team support. For less stress-absenteeism.    

  The third listening concern is Incorrect Multi-tasking: The mind cannot hold two thoughts simultaneously. For example, a person can do several physical tasks at once, but it is not possible to read a report and listen on the phone at the same time. Is there a solution? 

Something Wonderful Is About To Happen 

In Your Health Care Workplace Communication.



Active listening. So good ideas get passed around. 


And success with difficult people. So it's no longer the itch you can't scratch.


Resulting in Sustained Encouragement and time won back.

   Results Speaker Robert Kutchera  

marvelously re-energizes the reasons your team choose health care. 

   You know how you walk into a new place and notice odors, friendliness, poor greetings and pretend-listening. Robert has those eyes. He comes in as the substitute teacher quietly observing. By spotting potential problems. Like who needs a tune-up. Just like you would do for your car. Not who needs to be let go, but where 'to coach or rotate the players'. It can be several things, but unique to making a difference. 

   What Is The Whisper Technique? Robert has made listening almost as much fun as gossip. In workshops he replays a typical transaction of information, like at shift change. The demonstration heightens competency. So while participants laugh, they buy into better awareness listening behavior.  

   Best of all, his participant-centered workshops, instill sanity with the Laughter Prescription. So we're prepared for when the craziness starts over again. Says Robert about the experiential cognitive humor used in his training: 

"Unfortunately, joy doesn't spread as fast as misery. 

And misery loves company. 

A sense of humor balance is your passport out of the intrigue."

     Robert's transforming programs restore the dialogue. For successful diversity and accountability:  


Competitive Thinking     


Irresistible Communication     


Wellness Prosperity

    These customized programs let your team create practical solutions they can immediately apply. Best of all, these original workshops are easy on your training budget. Find out how your team can significantly improve communication, retention and keep morale.   


   With Robert Kutchera you have an strong ally for your health care organization. He comes from a family of health care professionals, including a Neurologist, Physical Therapist and two R.N.'s. Robert lives the talk. 

   His expertise is in workplace communication strategies and behavior modification. 

   Robert is a Psychiatric Adjunctive Therapist. He created experiential programs for 200 psychiatric patients in a teaching/research hospital. In the process overcoming his depression. He assisted in surgery in the O.R. for a year before graduation.

  His training includes proficiency in Transactional Analysis (TA). Improving interpersonal dialogue. He writes health care articles, appears on radio and TV and lectures in both English and Spanish. 

  Since mid 2013, Robert Kutchera has given 67 healthcare keynote speeches and 90 workshops for the health care industry. And for great fun, during the holidays he entertains and emcees health care parties with original humor skits. Who better than a former Cruise Director!  

   You're in for a different and better result for training and retention: 

   Customized workshops are innovative health care theater. Anything so they don't think they're back in school again. Said a nursing home administrator with more than 19 years of experience:

  "Robert re-connected cross-departmental communication and cooperation. He does this ingenious 'whisper-listening' technique that got everyone to buy into robust listening and dialogue. Mistakes and 'attitude' are way down. That's great."   

    What he instills in your team will empower their communication and put out the fires of Robert is engaging, instructive fun. A bit like Dr. Phil and Patch Adams. But there's much more.

With light fun that's "Humor Good Enough To Tell Mom."


   You Now Have 

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  


      Your Workplace Champion


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