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When Choosing A Speaker, 

This Is Good To Know:

What Impacts A Meeting Most Of All:  The speaker you hire must overcome 

  The Higher Level Of Audience Distraction

Attendees used to absorb 30% during a meeting. Now six years later, it's below 18%. Why?

Shorter attention spans, peeking at personal electronics, more stress deadlines, less time, poor sleep,

Hurry Sickness, Agenda Anxiety and Presenteeism.

So meetings can no longer be...

"The audience passively sits and mostly listens to someone lecture, 

then Powerpoint goes on and people doze off." 

  Why This Is Different & Better:

Excellent Program Retention 


Audience Follow-Through 


  The speaker who provides a variety of high-content, customized programs, particularly presentations that are upbeat and compelling, offers added value now and in 2013. With one speaker, fees and expenses are lower plus the meeting theme remains focused and powerful. But know this, that's just part of the rationale.


   Research in the past year has shown motivational speakers have dropped to third in demand, even below that of celebrities. Why? Sometimes there's an over-promise and under-deliver of content knowledge. So what must companies and associations seek today to generate enthusiasm, income and growth? 


   Results Speaker Robert Kutchera solves problems, providing answers that inspires audiences to embrace something better and different that benefits them in skeptical times. As a result, Robert's experiential presentations help audiences retain more.


   ...What No One Is Talking About Is 

What Impacts 

A Meeting Most Of All: 


    The higher level of audience distraction caused by everyday worry and hidden technology that people bring into a meeting today. So Results Speaker Robert Kutchera boosts retention of  new information and behavioral change. How? By making it experiential meaning 'mentally vivid' to key into short-term memory and later transfer to long-term memory for the meeting benefits and corporate revenue you seek during the next year. How is that done? 


   Cognitive Humor Psychology is that wonderful antidote to distraction that collects attendee undivided attention through new ideas, suspense, surprise and comic relief ( just like in a movie or novel ). With clever repetition. Delivery of the message is interactive and tactile ( a bit like an intriguing roller coaster for the mind) where audiences openly focus their participation in the creative mental process of pattern switching.. 


   Another key to this meeting success is Robert's Cognitive Humor Prosperity situational historical role-plays. It employs members of the audience, unrehearsed under his direction. Example: What Columbus did to end the recession of 1492 by discovering a new kind of gold in the New World. 


   Because the truest things are the funniest, and while the audience is amused, they're learning either sales initiative, interpersonal communication, idea generation, creative marketing, wellness or stress reduction in the workplace. All scripted and performed by Robert and unrehearsed audience participants: For spontaneity, suspense, unexpected humor that let's the audience in on the action. All under the guise of cognitive humor that instills mutual, beneficial behaviors for the meeting's outcome. This is cost-effective for workshops and seminars, with continuing education programs, keynotes and larger, diverse audiences that are brought together-and taken away from routine. In other words, the audience wants to see value for their time and money too. 


   So remember the speaker should not the 'entertainer', it must be the audience that is the focus and in the spotlight so they get the real benefit. That's the key to a successful meeting. 


   The reason Results Speaker Robert Kutchera works well with groups and venues is he's participated and learned from the most disconnected of audiences: Cruise Ship passengers provided with all kinds of wonderful activity-distracting possibilities. Plus his research with mental patients under significant medication at a teaching psychiatric hospital for four years. So working with change and the unpredictable, Robert was ever-ready to switch to a different presentation if the need arose. And being multi-lingual, Robert thinks in different languages and cultures. Plus he produced a lot of effective radio, TV advertising and Association multi-image presentations in eight years, winning the AAF Silver Medal Award For Creative Excellence. 


 A personal message 

       from Robert Kutchera 

   Few understand the planning and time you put into making a meeting a success. They only see great results. And think it's easy. They don't know the miracles you perform. Or the staff meetings to put it together.


   I sincerely do. So this is my guarantee for my successful business presentation. Good memories.

And a delighted client.


   Here's why I care that your event goes well. And why I work equally hard to deliver an outstanding program. 


  In the nine years I lectured and worked on cruise ships, I was a meeting planner in disguise. Coordinating some 44 events and shows during a cruise.


   More to the point, I lived with my audience. And while I didn't bring business in the door, you better believe I was responsible for repeat customers. 


  The funny-and outrageous-would happen. Imagine you're on a floating resort that changes itinerary to avoid bad weather. Your guests still get a sunny vacation out at sea. But the next day's schedule has to be scraped. Imagine the dining room staff-they weren't expecting 1,900 people for lunch-the passengers were supposed to be ashore. And I had just become Cruise Director...          


But we worked with this energetic international staff and crew, meeting in several languages no less, and made it happen. 


   And just like any meeting, you do the very best you can. I tell you, if you don't have a sense of humor, you soon get one.


   Like when an 87 year old male passenger walked up on stage and joined our Broadway revue. One dancer lost her footing, but the audience was hysterical with laughter! Couldn't get the guy off stage. Even took a bow. Then the fellow moon-walked off stage and received a standing ovation. There's not much you can do after something like that, so we ended the show, which is a show business axiom. Always end on a high. 


   My focus is I'm always thinking of your attendees and the meeting goals. Plus your business success. Speaking is precious to me. I lost it under communism. For me, I have a responsibility to be accurate, supportive plus entertaining. And that the customized presentation I provide is a valuable investment of your audience's time. 


   I encourage you to review and act upon the information in this web site. I want to give you the best quality program because it's a statement of who I am. 


After the Meeting,  

What's Your  Long-Term  Result?

The leadership reality in 2012 we must instill clarity and action.  

Otherwise, it's just a gathering. 

Now, it's an awesome self-interest to think new.

That's Organizational Transformation. 

Ultimately, you gotta make it imaginative and fun.  So they don't feel they're sitting in school.  

Inspiring commitment through relevant success stories.  

That connects to long-term team collaboration and individual unlimited possibilities.

 Also life and work are not unlike theater.  

So I make presentations a bit unpredictable.  No Powerpoint.

Interacting with attendees like it's a conversation.

They're curious.  It's not a canned presentation.  And they're honored.

Adding a dash of joy, a big scoop of lucrative choices.

And kindness listening throughout-because everyone is running on empty.

This isn't 'touchy-feely'.  It's instilling self-validation. That's real empowerment.

I teach that and wrap it up in decisive learning, that push for action.

That's how group prosperity arrives for everyone.

                                                                                                              Robert A. Kutchera

   And as I mentioned, I lived with audiences for nine years. Not many presenters can say that. Thirty nationalities, thousands of fascinating people 24/7 each week. It's how I learned the instructive business stories I tell. And by way of uncanny adventures in the countries we visited and joyously fun programs on board. Oh, and some hurricanes, a few deaths (one on stage), two fires, a medical crisis here and there, rescue at sea, lost luggage, bewildered people in hallways walking in their pajamas and stevedore strikes that locked us out of port. And improvisation born of sudden change. Just like life. Along with that 'territory' come many humble lessons learned. So think of me as good meeting insurance...               



      I support you! 





   You Now Have 

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  


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