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Cultural Castanets

After nine years my psychiatrist said something 

that brought tears to my eyes:

"No hablo Inglés."     

   Hidden In Your Accounts Receivables Is A Bilingual Treasure: 

   One in six of your customers speaks Spanish. Hispanic Americans now account for three quarters of a trillion dollars in consumer spending. That's why the world's richest man promotes his software company throughout 50 states to Hispanics. Would like to dip into the pool of 51 million customers ready to buy? 


   The little secret is you don't have to run out and learn every word in Spanish. 

Instead, have Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera bring your sales force up to cultural speed for more than 20% in sales. 


   Robert Kutchera interacted with more than 30 nationalities for nine years while living and working in Latin America and the Caribbean. Learning the interplay of cultural traditions and slang in communication. And a crash course in solving business issues. 


   Today he teaching diversity workplace understanding and success. Beneficial for H.R. departments and retention. He's also created bilingual consumer promotions during an award-winning career in advertising. Robert speaks Spanish fluently without an accent, plus some German.


   Importantly for the workplace, Robert Kutchera presents Bilingual Communication Programs with sensitivity and humor that build on the strength of your diversity and teamwork.  Why is this important?


  As the largest minority in the U.S., 51 million Hispanics play an increasing dynamic in the workplace. But English has four times the words as Spanish. Imagine why it's so hard to learn as an adult any language and then the pressure to perform well on the job.  


    Robert Kutchera's ability to bridge workplace communication makes his bilingual workshops and speeches a vital element in your organization's success.  


What That Means For You:

Productive Interpersonal Communication In The Workplace For Less Errors And Lost Time.  


 Spanish & Bilingual Programs: 

    Not only does Robert Kutchera present programs for Spanish and bilingual audiences, he incorporates and supports on-going policy. With interactive programs that significantly improve individual and cross-departmental cooperation. Topics are:


Se Habla English: Outstanding Interpersonal Communication


Cultural Castanets: Building Diversity Teamwork 


Professor Latino™: Creating Workplace Relationships

    Results Speaker Robert Kutchera helps individuals to think and laugh in both languages. Audiences connect best with cognitive humor. Because it keys into short term memory. They're also more receptive and cooperative when they share an understanding laugh. Proving that we all laugh in the same language.


   Remarked a Human Resource Manager in Chicago, "Robert Kutchera knows how culture dynamics succeed. Moreover, he's met and worked with most every Latin American nationality. Discussing and solving their assimilation issues here. 

Talk about profitable diversity team insight. His upbeat bilingual anecdotes made a lasting, good connection among us too."


Importantly, Robert brings smiles and cultural 

awareness between Anglos and Hispanics.  

    In 1998, Robert Kutchera created the scripted business character, Professor Latino™ for sales and diversity programs. He also has a thoughtful, funny bilingual column in Hispanic community newspapers called , "Ask Professor Latino™".


 Expertise In Bilingual Media 

    During a decade in advertising, Robert was involved with Hispanic marketing in Miami, just when it was taking off nationally. As co-owner of an advertising sound studio, he produced English and Spanish radio & TV ads. Winning 49 broadcast awards for clients. The studio also recorded Gloria Estafano's early music. She became Gloria Estafan, bringing to the world her wonderful brand of cross-over entertainment.

     Today, Robert's knowledge and understanding of bilingual cultural trends 

make his presentations the ideal way 

to support your organization's most important programs.


 Interesting Facts About English & Spanish...

     English is the language of technology and the repository of instant words as they are born. In part because English welcomes additions. It also has more words than any other language. Some 995,000 by one count. For example, English has nine words just for 'door'. Probably because motivational speakers are always opening new doors for people! 

    Spanish has one-fourth as many words as English. But it's a Romance language, and when you're in love you don't need to say much. And Latin music has a rhythm like no other. But for any immigrant, English is not an easy language to learn. Imagine trying to grasp, 'two, too and to'. Different words with the same pronunciation but different meanings. 

    Overall, learning a foreign language is much harder as an adult, if only because the mind picks up languages easier when a person is young. And English creates a constant explosion of new words that come from technology to pop culture. From Blog to Twitter. While English may be one of the international languages of business...any language isn't easy when it's not your native tongue. 


   You Now Have 

Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  


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