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Competitive Thinking

"Tremendous idea."

     "Why didn't we think of it sooner?"


   Because clever solutions 'travel' another way in the mind. It's a mentally prosperous place that suspends logic and ego. Results Speaker Robert Kutchera starts by teaching your team how to be freed from the constraints of the status quo. It's an act of surrender. Like making it across the tightrope to the other side. Because what seems often a mask for inaction. 



   Competitive Thinking: Seeing things before others do. And cutting half your deadlined stress by assuming you already have the answer. When stress in the mind 'sees' a good solution happening, it creates conditions for your success. Results Speaker Robert Kutchera explains it this way:


    "Pattern-Switching Humor is far more significant than reasoning to create workplace answers. Humor takes you on adventure and surprise. 

Now think of motivation. Determined, goal specific. All good. But the opposite of motivation, which is inspiration, comes from the word inspire, to be in-spirit. You access untapped software from within.  

When you're not boxed in...the constraints of what's logical...these new ideas begin to work for you. Otherwise standard thinking is just a copy of something else. And who wants another sequel?"


   THINK ABOUT THIS: Do you ignore what's illogical? It may block a new products or sales or a better H.R. outcome. One company was going to throw away a poor-performing glue when an engineer realized the faulty glue would stay on paper-and lift off-without damaging either. He was rewarded for inventing 3M Post-It Notes. A $600 million revenue stream. Have a wealthy swim in ideas!


 Competitive Thinking still gets you in the direction you want, but now it's definitely a winning proposition.  Later people will say, "That was obvious, why did it take so long to figure out?" Which is how a group overcomes thinking stuck in neutral.  


  In innovative workshops, Robert Kutchera shows how to access lucrative idea formation that challenges what everyone else does. Results that stand out for successful employee training, sales and product/service ideas. What better way to learn this than from Results Speaker Robert Kutchera. In customized workshops, Robert guides your team to profitable idea formation.




   Nolan Bushnell noticed his kids loved to watch Saturday cartoons on TV. They also liked to play board games. He thought how fascinating it would be to put them together. But how in the world do you put a board game on TV? He worked at it and invented the first video game. And today, as the founder of Atari, he's worth millions. That's a lot of quarters! It is through the process of letting go of preconceptions and playing with, not wrestling with a problem that lucrative ideas and solutions come about. What Results Speaker Robert Kutchera instills are possibilities that are within.   



How about a book on successful marriage...written by two divorce attorneys? Quirky, but again they would know. Competitive Thinking teaches that opposing and seemingly incompatible ideas-or professions just as in Pattern Switching Humor creation, show you the way out of potential problems. How's that for sanity? What about YOUR book? Maybe you have something to for all of us to read. 



   Entrepreneur with healthy breakthrough pizza recipe. Low-Cal light pastry, perfect lunch, with healthy gourmet salad. He open a pizza delivery business. Result: no big splash. Instead, what Robert Kutchera's workshop teaches, isn't thinking out of the (cardboard pizza) box, but in spite of it.


SOLUTION:  He still delivers, but on a small elegant cart. With self-contained cooler and microwave, an impeccably dressed waiter prepares a mini meal to order nearby. Personalized quiet service. Part magic, part pampering. Like a fine restaurant. Transforming the employee's mood with a relaxing break. Bottom line: healthy fare that tastes like home-cooking. Maybe better. 

Served on a raised plastic decorator plate 

  with fine paper napkin. 

Not by someone wearing a baseball cap.



Employee is catered to, replacing stress.


Co-workers experience attentive customer service. 


Something employers see it as productivity benefit. 

          (making the 'in office' cooking idea easier to sell.)


 The concept also wins back an employee's time and peace of mind. 


And the entrepreneur? He's got a booming business in every office building. And at $5.95, his mark-up is 350%. Not bad.  The rest is profitable history. Except some will try and copy the idea, but copying won't work as well as the original. Sequels never do. They're not inspired. Of course our entrepreneur had to get an okay here and there, but it worked. 

 Competitive Thinking is Creativity Ahead of the Pack.


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