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 Presentations @ Sea


"The moment you step off the gangway into the ship's lobby, everything changes. 

Soon you will be on the high seas.

With all the adventure and peace that it provides."

                                                                Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

  Think Of The Possibilities 


A fascinating new venue.


Robert's programs customized for your cruise. 



   Robert Kutchera lived aboard 16 ships for nine years. Through every imaginable circumstance. As Cruise Director, Information Officer, Special Interest Speaker and Foreign Tour Operator escorting overseas groups. Robert entertained in English, Spanish and some German, creating original shows and comedy. 

     Before that he was in the U.S. Navy stationed on an aircraft carrier with 4,000 sailors but  says the quarters were much better on cruise ships. Less snoring...


    Bottom line, Robert anticipates what your business or incentive group needs on board for success. Perfect motivation and inspiration at sea. Few speakers can match Robert's incredible meeting-planner expertise at sea to make successful meetings and great memories.  




Incentive Sails Meetings At Sea! 

      Robert creates innovative programs using the ship's unique, exciting setting as a backdrop for incentive meetings. This from a background of having done some 853 cruises, lasting up to 21 days. In addition he's seen the other side by having been a passenger on several cruises, including sailing ships. 

Your group gets a professional speaker who understands the behind the scenes of a successful meeting at sea:           


Imagine your recognition event overlooking the azure sea: Awards are handed out, followed by applause. Then one of  Robert's programs for Inspired Success!. With the backdrop of the spectacular sunset out over the horizon. 


Maybe a meeting in the conference center, (with state of the art A/V already included), followed by Robert's intriguing stories of "Business Legends out at Sea". Concluding with a welcome by one of the ship's senior officers. An intriguing way to entertain and stimulate thinking. Plus great pictures to take home.


Enjoying the ship's private island and Robert's sales/ teambuilding "Prosperous Thinking Scavenger Hunt"  


The possibilities are limitless, offering you the best incentives around. You get to choose where and when to dine, with service that's out of this world. And if you choose, casual attire too. 


There's even a spousal program that features Robert's hilarious anecdotes of day to day events on a mega ship. 


And since a cruise is all-inclusive, you keep a handle on expenses.


       This year, take your organization's best out for adventure and some R & R. Just like you see on television, only this won't b a contrived reality show. And it won't be video either, you'll be there! 

     Pure relaxation. Golf ashore, explorations. Deep sea fishing. Back on board, getting to meet remarkable people from around the world. Just like you. With one thing in common. They've left a routine life back on land. Letting the ship take them on a journey they'll never forget. One that's simple to arrange.


What You Don't Know About Cruises: 


They're not claustrophobic.  True cabins in the 80's used to be so small, you had to go out in the hall to change you mind. Not today.

           Over 70% of staterooms have balcony views, so when you enter the room, you see this expansive ocean vista. It's a private view too. Nice.

Your stateroom, whatever the size, comes with the ship all for you: Over a dozen lounges with different set-ups of music, entertainment plus surprising quiet alcoves and places to hide... 


It's not a crowd at sea. People often comment, Where did everyone go? Because cruise ships do ingenious things with large spaces to make them intimate and conducive for human beings. Also ships today have separate adult pools and spas (meaning no teenagers or kids). Or live bands. And a quiet ocean breeze.


Surprise! Open uninhabited spaces. Most outside decks at early morning, sunset, and into the evening and the night, are deserted. Except you and a few quiet souls. And no cell phones. 

(bet you can't get that kind of peace on land). 

         So you can walk around after dinner and take it all in. You'll be surprised at sea birds that hover over your ship, some 20 miles out at sea. And flying fish breaking the ocean's surface. You'll see the changing colors of the sea, 

feel the light breeze over your shoulder,  and say yourself, 

         "Why wait so long to capture a happy life?" 



 Cruising Stretches Your Dollar farther. A lot. It's a fact. Your group gets a lower all-inclusive price. All accommodations. All that marvelous (and even health-conscious!) food. And entertainment in all the lounges and out on deck. It's a floating resort that takes you to some of the world's most exciting destinations. And if you charter the ship, you choose where the ship goes. 


Best Of All, You Travel While you Sleep. Wake up the next morning in the next port of call, often in the center of things downtown. With optional tours and experienced guides. Imagine if you had to fly to three destinations in a week. That's no incentive or vacation. Packing and unpacking, getting a cab, trying to find a place to eat.   


Hidden Adventure... Back inside, people-watching becomes an intriguing event. And if you let your imagination go, picture yourself on the promenade deck of a transatlantic liner, first as a captain of industry, an international celebrity, then as a steward.  And think what it must have been like to sail with so many fascinating nationalities.  Maybe even incognito as a novelist or spy or even a sports hero.

      Says Robert recounting one his ship experiences,

"Once in a while, after the last show, I'd follow the social staff and some officers and crew to the top of the ship over the bridge and we'd unwind on deck chairs at midnight. Must have been 7 or 8 different nationalities. They'd recount stories you couldn't invent from life back home. It was a great education in how people tick. It was the most fascinating way to see life around the world. Which is why I stayed nine years. I still go back..."


     Why go to sea? 

What you learn about human nature is invaluable. Besides, where else could you get a sample of consumers in the global economy. 

What you'll discover about yourself will release you.

  Get your incentive group sailing and they'll come back with 

Inspired Success!.


   You Now Have 

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  


      Your Workplace Champion


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