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Sales Fitness

For Your Sales Team Now...The Sales Fitness - Motivation Seminar

It's about Optimistic Persistence.  


Constant-Release, Stress Reduction & WOW Morale.   


Plus fewer bumps in the road.  Like Self Defeating Behaviors (SDB's).


And instilling Lucrative Team Value for winning sales conditions and attitudes.  

This remarkable seminar opens lucrative possibilities 

by changing and improving how people mutually listen, treat you and 

your product and services.

   What The Sales Fitness Workshop TEACHES & INSPIRES:


Irresistible Communication:  Because it makes you memorable and remembered by the client


Competitive Thinking:  Demonstrates how to create effective sales strategies & ideas


Wellness Prosperity:  Because we all need motivation and confidence

   Best of all, attendees learn how to make e-mail and voice messaging so persuasive that prospects and current customers make it a priority to return calls.  How's that for success? And now it's more important than ever.  Why?  We communicate in more ways and places that ever before, yet listening is in short supply.  So these techniques, which are easy to follow, offer a gold mine of opportunity.  Using the clever, powerful side of humor in ways you perhaps have never seen get you a solid basis for personal sales success.  Then body language and cultural diversity sales tools are vividly demonstrated in reverse roll-plays that are customized for your sales team.


    Customers were on a roller coaster recession for two years.  But the old ways are gone.  It used to be, pre-recession, sales teams learned to 'Under Promise & Over Deliver'.  Particularly if they were intangible sales.  Now that distinction is blurred because of entrenched skepticism.  

   Further, one has to overcome a small, but significant lingering fear of perceived loss out there.  It's beyond product knowledge and accepted delivery, which are still important.  You are replacing that perceived doubt with something stronger, something clients like more than anything in the sale today:  A Guarantee with No Surprises.  

   The sales team that achieves getting that message sold, has the win, win, WIN.  That's what the The Sales Fitness Seminar  accomplishes in teaching and installing.  Then it customizes the interactive lesson, so it's hands-on and unforgettable.  And keeps everyone connected.  Allowing each individual to apply this new 'sales software' in their mind, to their new success.   And the role play skits are part of that.  They need to practice new self-motivational tips for each day, to be up before they make a phone call or in-person customer visit.  As sales instructor for The Sales Fitness Seminar, Results Speaker Robert Kutchera learned first-hand, managing a 60-person, statewide retail sales team that exceeded quotas for a year during the '91-92 recession.

  Wellness Prosperity, a significant way to delete tension before it builds into disappointment and stress absenteeism.  That's a solid retention benefit.

  The takeaway is basics are reinforced, based on your company's on-going programs and sales goals.  As an 'outsider', Results Speaker Robert Kutchera can make stronger points you would like to make but don't sound like it's coming from 'up above'.  Human nature being what it is, that way it's about them, putting the star spotlight on each individual.  

"Salesmanship is a critical part of accomplishment in any field. 

You have to look people in the eye and not blink when you say you can do it."

Robert Ballard, discover of the RMS TITANIC in 1985.


Your sales team are your first customers.  

They are the first who have to be convinced.  

So motivate the team, you get win, win WIN in the bargain.  

It's all about how they can best sell today with:




And Absolute Delivery.  However that looks to the customer.

   Your company has a sales 'audience' to capture.  

This transforming seminar includes customized role-plays that are localized and customized for your team, improving communication skills and deleting stress. 

   You Now Have 

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  


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