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Cognitive Humor Psychology

The Process 

For Your Success:

This is the basis for your prosperous workplace

along with profoundly important well being success.

Robert Kutchera is the recipient of a national Title One Grant 

for his groundbreaking interpersonal communication research 

while teaching two years in a psychology/medical center.

      There he developed Cognitive Humor Psychology

It's an innovative jump in personal achievement.

In business, it's your home run advantage

for staff development.

It's a revolutionary approach to success consisting of four pioneering programs:

Irresistible Communication

Championship Teamwork

Wellness Prosperity

Cognitive Humor

This Is How Cognitive Humor Psychology 

Gets It Done FOR YOU:

In medicine, Adjunctive Therapy means that a secondary treatment is used 

to increase the first treatment's efficacy. 

Like adding physical therapy after surgery for carpal tunnel,

 it improves your chances of typing and playing tennis again.

Also we do it when we want to loose weight: Diet + Exercise. 

Because one without the other doesn't keep weight off.

But Robert knew something was missing as an Adjunctive Therapist and Social Psychologist, 

because human nature being what it is, 

adding an experiential sense of fun for deleted stress in the process, was missing for lasting results.

So he created Cognitive Humor Psychology 

as the third component, to be employed for the workplace, and after work, 

to create remarkable success on your own terms.

This involved two years of research with 120 patients and two assistants.

 Then by a stroke of luck, he landed a career on cruise ships, 

that put Cognitive Humor Psychology all together

Because for nine years, while he lectured and performed comedy, he was off-stage, 

listening and learning from hundreds of passengers each day. 

He also worked and lived with 300 staff from many other countries, perhaps like your job today.

But significantly, he lived with them around the clock, 

in bad storms. holidays, flu season, crew talent shows-and revealing workplace gossip.

A crash course in human nature, culture, foreign food and uncanny humor solutions.

Thus by a kind of global observation, he created a new solution: life-balancing Cognitive Humor.


You're in for a wonderful surprise for 

Organizational Prosperity.

 For your workplace success, say in TEAM BUILDING, two behavior disciplines are taken from seven of his concepts, 

such as Irresistible Communication with Time-Released, Stress Reduction

BECAUSE it first restores dialogue and listening as fun and along with diminished worry. 

Then Robert teaches Championship Teamwork  plus balanced Cognitive Humor for successful results.


What other speaker shows you how he's going to deliver success 

for your meeting-and equally important after, at work?

That's why he's Results Speaker Robert Kutchera


Cognitive Humor

It's the Clever Way That Improves Mindset for 

Mutual Winning Conditions & Attitudes.  

How It Works:

You know if you can get a person to laugh with you, they like you better.

And remarkable things happen: 

Friendship. Work with less drama. Enviable sales, teamwork collaboration. A good place to work. 

So How Do You Do It & Hold Their Attention? 

Especially where there are more ways and places to communicate, yet teeny-tiny attention spans. 

We also know 70% of work is collaborative. So most success doesn't come in isolation.

And in meetings, audiences used to retain 30%, but with personal electronics, it's down to 18%.

Cognitive Humor  has the absolute power 

through Attraction, Impact & Action to transform our lives. 

What it looks like: 

After they hear Cognitive Humor , they look for the lesson behind the laughs. 

And buy into your point. Like:

(Teaching Goal): Definition of a True Friend:  

(Clever Point): Someone who watches your clothes while you go skinny dipping!

(Rewarding Change): So choose your friends well. 

Robert Kutchera

Robert Kutchera is the perceptively connected Cognitive Humorist.

Instilling rewarding imagination and common sense. 

Valuable in reducing barriers to creative thinking and progress.

This is the outstanding way to interact for lucrative prosperity, self-validation, better morale and peace of mind with other individuals.  No matter where you are or what you are doing.  

It diffuses difficult personalities, opens up thought...makes you the sought-after employee who saves the day.  It all starts below... 

There's a phrase today that sums up 

the disconnect in interpersonal communication. 

It's called "Hard of Listening."

It comes from sleep deprivation, not wanting to hear more bad news, 'Hurry Sickness', which is a self-protection issue, 'Agenda Anxiety'' (where you're interrupted before you finish speaking), relentless deadlines and data overload. Some of it's fear-based since 9/11, the past recession, but lack of societal optimism overall, messes up motivation and incentive too. The disconnect also affects our ability to think with common sense and balance. 


A person's successful internal dialogue is also affected by unproductive multi-tasking. 


FOR EXAMPLE: The brain in it's structure is unable to process two thoughts simultaneously. A person cannot talk on the phone and type an unrelated e-mail without a 60% dropout in comprehension.  Even Generation I, which excels at fast task-switching, can't do this.  We can, however, do several physical tasks at once-pick up the phone, sit down, adjust the keyboard-but we can't listen on the phone and type an e-mail  unrelated to the conversationOne gets lost, usually the business conversation. A significant danger that results in costly errors and misunderstandings. 


THE SAME DISTRACTIONS ARE TRUE IN MEETINGS...where audiences have the uncanny ability to self-hypnotize. And body language, which is another non-verbal, interrupts message retention.  (Success Tip: Teaching with experiential presentations, linking an emotion to a fact, keys into memory-and action.) 

What Robert Kutchera teaches is how to break the multi-task impasse so you get more done-and win back time.  So if you're not getting through, no matter how good the ideas, products or services, there won't be much traction-or allies. And the terrific success you and your team can pull off may never be known.

 Here's the shrewd answer:

  Robert Kutchera's pioneering concept of 

Cognitive Humor Psychology  

given to you in these valuable programs: 


Irresistible Communication    


Competitive Thinking


Wellness Prosperity   


Cultural Castanets


Sales Fitness


What a transformational  Cognitive Humor Psychology 

workshop looks like:

The seating, lighting and room visuals are experiential to accommodate upbeat, open thinking and body language. In other words the room is 'staged', not predictable. For example, there is no podium. Eliminating the 'us' versus 'them' barrier. Different teaching controls are in place. The room is 'dressed' for learning and participation rather than passive sitting.  

Attendees voluntarily agree to simple rules of conversation and suspend preconceptions of the problem being discussed, such as 'Attentive Customer Service & Listening'. While the mechanics are clever and new to them, they nonetheless experience a different way to imaginatively connect. 

The challenging, historical reverse Role-Play story skit take them out of time and place to innovate  better thinking-and see the customer or patient anew.  Experiential teaching is a marvelous way to create winning conditions and attitudes by reinforcing the golden rule.  

   Robert Kutchera developed Cognitive Humor Psychology to end the impasse between goals and achievement. Inspiring optimism and fulfilling workplace environments. 

     That is a significant benefit when you consider 87% of individuals dislike their jobs. Put another way, only 13% are eager and challenged. So what this does is profitably employ all the ways we communicate. That's how your success arrives.

For example, we know non-verbals often close the deal. That's 65% of dialogue. But non-verbals are not necessarily body language. There's more. 

Cognitive Humor Psychology  incorporates powerful, persuasive non-verbals in your e-mails so they not only get acted upon, they instill better morale and collaboration in the workplace. And today that's crucial because e-mail is how we most communicate. 

Robert Kutchera created Cognitive Humor Psychology in three years of study and testing at a teaching psychiatric hospital and applied it at two multi-national work environments. 

The result? 

  It's major support like you've never had before.

With a hidden benefit: It's your best response to deadlines.


   In a world that's distracted by competing messages and data 'ear plugs', nothing is more important than having a good connection. Whether it's for validation or prosperity. Says Robert, "Your effective communication is a unique possession, like your sense of humor...throughout life." 


   For more than 23 years, Robert Kutchera has presented high content informational programs for Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Latin America. He is also fluent in Spanish, something rare in a national speaker.  

     Robert Kutchera's lifetime training in achieving outstanding interpersonal communication solutions

makes your work and life after work a home run.


   You Now Have 

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  


      Your Workplace Champion



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