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Results Speaker Credentials

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

interpersonal communication and wellness/productivity programs 

have been independently tested and verified in some of the most critical workplace learning and business environments today.


For two years in a teaching psychiatric hospital as an Adjunctive Therapist.


In two global, multi-cultural businesses.


As an Advertising Sales Executive successfully produced national franchisee meetings.


Received Federal Funding Grant on his breakthrough communication, Cognitive Humor Psychology

As Creative Director his work has helped:

Clients win more than 48 broadcast awards in English and Spanish.


Reduce workplace stress with his lively radio show on workplace communication solutions.


Develop winning interpersonal communication success with his diversity column, "Ask Prof. Latino."


Health care providers and organizations sustain mutual, winning conditions and attitudes


     For more than 23 years, Robert Kutchera has changed and improved how individuals listen and build lucrative collaboration.   

Difference Between 

Motivational Speakers & Results Speaker Robert Kutchera


Motivational speakers make presentations.  Audiences sit and passively listen. Unless they're told 

             to get up and hug a stranger.

In 2006, research showed 30% of attendees retain information and only 3% act on it.


Now in 2014, retention has dropped to 18% because of electronic distractions like texting.


Now you know why a new motivational speaker is asked to come back.  Because not much has changed. 

              ...It's part of human nature, they've heard it before. 


Professional Health Care Expertise:  

    He understands the challenges and life of health professionals. As an Adjunctive Therapist, Robert taught and supported 120 short-term psychiatric patients for three years in a teaching hospital.  That work received an H.E.W. Title One federal funding grant for his interpersonal communication/humor programs.  That was followed by an additional year assisting in the operating room of a regional medical center. He's home-cared for two relatives separately for 11 years. 

     In the past two decades, he's consulted and presented workplace communication and wellness programs for nursing facilities, ALF's and major home care organizations in the U.S.  His health care articles and programs are excerpted on this site.  Robert has a bilingual diversity/wellness column on workplace communication and wellness. 

        His optimism, profound sensitivity for the success and wellness of care givers, care receivers, administrators and health care professionals comes from what helps them cope and laugh for balance.  He has an extraordinary gift.     


    Independently Verified Results:   

    Robert Kutchera's Interpersonal Communication and Wellness/Productivity Programs have been independently measured and quantified in some of the most critical healthcare and business environments today.  Moreover he knows, from a cognitive psychology, learning perspective, how individuals receive, process, remember and benefit from solution-driven ideas for action. 


Robert Kutchera Requests Independent Evaluations With Each Presentation:

 "On behalf  of the FAHSA Board of Trustees, we thought your presentation was incredible and thought provoking.  The sessions were excellent, and as you can see from your scores, very impressive! On a scale from one to 6, with 6 being the highest, your combined scores from the speaker evaluations were as follows:

              Quality     Content      Instruction      Relevance     Score

           5.6667            6.0                5.97                  5.79              5.86 

    The comments we have have indicated a strong desire to have you back as a future speaker.  Please consider submitting a presentation for FAHSA's 2012 convention."

Gail Matillo, MPA, COS

Director of Housing & Education

Florida Association of Homes And Services For The Aging




 Clinical Testing; Funding Support:  Robert Kutchera's concepts through research were reviewed and approved by the Hospital Medical Administration and the Director of Adjunctive Therapy, Margaret Holland. His programs were also awarded funding through a Federal Title One Grant from The Department of Heath, Education & Welfare. With that, he was able to bring on a staff (3) for two years at a teaching psychiatric hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. It was the beginning of Cognitive Humor Psychology and Irresistible CommunicationPart of the implementation process of interactive humor coping skills with depressed patients, taught him something grand: Patient humor, when encouraged, healing and illuminating..  


Broadcast Marketing Surveys:  During the successful year he was on two AM radio stations in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale Metro Area, Robert also received requests to appear on other radio shows as a guest in the same market. The demand for his honest wit and workplace stories was high, as were ratings.  When sponsors moved the show to another AM network-on early Sunday morning-the show died.  Robert quickly adds,  "At least I got to sleep later on weekends..." 


Cruise Ship Comment Cards:  Robert Kutchera was reviewed by every passenger that was in his audience and off stage, for nine years.  He, and later his staff were given high marks in this critical process. All passengers on ships are requested (with prize incentives), to check off their cruise experiences on comment cards.  All to the good.

So succeeding in this work environment was significant. 

         Then too if there had been a weather-induced port cancellation, you needed to restore morale for 2,500 passengers.  Robert survived and thrived in the challenge.  He anticipated problems, corrected them with happy results.  

           His nickname became Radar, after the M.A.S.H. 4077 company clerk.  


The Results Benefit:

    It's interactive, experiential participation; semi-circle seating-not classroom.

Results SpeakerRobert Kutchera 

Gives an inspired push to make action, happen in your behalf

 He's like your favorite teacher, who brought  ideas to life, ideas you couldn't wait to start in your life.


    H's a speaker who listens to understand what work problems keep you up at night. What your organization is proud of. And new possibilities for success. So objectives are met.

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera  has helped many companies and organizations improve profitable

 work environments while enhancing an individual's productivity and job satisfaction.

    His expertise comes from a background in social psychology, cognitive humor and business communication. 

What Robert inspires in audiences is seizing the moment 

that make thoughts improve.


How It Comes About:

   KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS offer high content solutions and opportunity. And when it's a recognition event or association banquet, Robert Kutchera's original anecdotes and storytelling make it time well-spent too.  



    His consultations with clients are inspired: Robert takes you on a journey around your company as if you're floating overhead, observing, unnoticed. It's a collaboration for straightforward results. You see unproductive interpersonal communication. And behaviors that are unconsciously rewarded. Then an easy-to-follow plan is begun so new behaviors can profitably succeed. 


    You see possibilities happen. Robert has a gift for reaching audiences with common sense humor. Helping individuals reconnect. Imagine what that means for training and retention.  Because today "HURRY SICKNESS" and fear have distracted co-workers from even the most important dialogue. 

The better likelihood of lasting behavioral change is the result. 


Professional Expertise


Adjunctive Therapist: While researching human behavior and supporting more than 200 patients, Robert Kutchera developed the concept of Cognitive Humor Psychology.


Sales Manager: Instilled prosperity in a 60-person state-wide retail sales team during the '91 recession.


Cognitive Humorist : Robert is wonderful funny. He apprenticed with two national comedians.


Creative Director: During a decade in broadcast advertising, his clients won 49 awards. He also produced national training videos and multi-image presentations for annual sales meetings. Robert received the coveted AAF Silver Medal For Creative Excellence in Advertising.


Hospital & Staff Training: Three year patient work in a teaching psychiatric hospital, plus a year assisting in the Operating Room.  Robert has seen all aspects of health care delivery, issues of morale and cost containment. 


International Lecturer; Former Multi-Lingual Cruise Director: He entertained and interacted with audiences from across America and around the world for nine years. learning we all laugh in the same language. Plus he lived with his audience 24/7. Not many speakers can say that. "The feedback was incredible, that's how I learned my craft." Adds Robert: "I also served in the U.S. Navy, but the Midnight  Buffets were better on the cruise ships, You didn't have to bring a can opener!" 

   Today, Robert teaches new ways that the mind and human nature collaborate. 

That's the secret to your success. 

    Robert honed his business communication skills during a decade in advertising and promotion. As Creative Director, his company produced commercials and original music for sales presentations. He is the recipient of The AAF Silver Medal For Creative Excellence in Advertising.

    Robert Kutchera learned about humor and public speaking in an unexpected classroom: Aboard international cruise ships from professional entertainers and comedians. After apprenticing, he became Cruise Director, emceeing shows in English, Spanish and German. 

Adds Robert: "That was a gift, learning public speaking techniques by actually 'walking the talk for nine years'. The hardest part was getting over stage fright when I bombed before four hundred people, but my 'sea-coaches' worked me through it. So I picked myself up, went out and nailed the next show! It is absolutely indescribable how incredible that moment is." 

     He met and interacted with passengers from across America and around the world. Few speakers can say they lived with their audience 24/7. Or have the hilarious anecdotes and true stories that passengers told him. Working and living with individuals who spoke 11 different languages was a real-life course in workplace diversity too. And importantly, that we all laugh in the same language.

     His respect of the attention span of busy, stressed audiences taught him how individuals tend to self-hypnotize for all sorts of reasons, including when they passively sit. So he doesn't rely much on Powerpoint.

     Instead Robert does verbal Word-Pictures.  These are exciting, experiential and interactive presentations that involve and inspire. Making attendees the stars. Providing answers to the problems that keep us up at night. As a result, what he teaches about successful interpersonal communication and ideas will advance your ability to gain mutual support and allies. Concludes Robert,


   "The best experience you can have in life is to know and listen...and help those different than yourself. They say traveling outside the predictable surroundings of what you know, is thrilling beyond any comforts you will ever enjoy." 


     Before becoming a speaker, Kutchera managed a statewide 60-person sales and marketing team. He also hosted a lively radio show on workplace balance, but not lively enough, so it was cancelled a year later... 

    His preventative health care lecture series on "Making It Attractive For Men To Live Longer", is donated to community health groups.

   As an American teenager studying overseas, he fled from Cuba's new communist government to avoid forced indoctrination.    

   Fear had silenced free speech. He was told not to speak English. Some of Robert's military school classmates were separated from their families for more than a year.

   Other students in the summer were moved by the government into the countryside to harvest crops and teach literacy.  Returning back to the United States, he ironically was now a refugee-immigrant in his own country. 

    What he put into practice about American spirit and ingenuity, of not giving up, is priceless for you. Robert's inspirational journey helps audiences today to triumph, especially in difficult times. Had he not lost his freedoms, Robert says he never would have learned this: "Thinking is just half the prosperity formula. Action now is the rest of it. Because opportunity is a brief visitor. 


    "It's really about discipline...overcoming the indecision over Doing. We talk ourselves out of our dreams better than our worst imagined enemy. 

Stopping that, is how you gain mucho happiness!"


    The experience transformed Robert into a passionate advocate for audiences..."Action is the greatest opportunity we always have. That's how we get the upper hand in life, how ideas and answers prosper us and family. Never give that power away." What he teaches in 2013 about perseverance in your behalf is invaluable. 

    Today, Results Speaker  Robert Kutchera provides outstanding interpersonal communication solutions for all audiences. Presented in an informative, compelling storytelling style. And his humor? "It's Humor Good Enough To Tell Mom." 

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Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

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