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Wellness Prosperity

 Because life's too valuable to put your dreams on hold

       What are obstacles to workplace success today?


Never Enough Time.


Sleep Deprivation: Causing dropouts in communication. And costly errors.


PresenteeismWorking at sub-par performance due to mental fatigue and fear.


Withdrawal of Communication: Conversations that could improve trust. 

Now Is The Time To Add Prosperity To 

Your Wellness Program

    Stress Absenteeism puts the work load on already swamped employees. Also, customers notice this and go elsewhere because their time is valuable too. 

    If you manage people or watch the bottom line, know this: The pile-up of stress causes a release of nerve chemicals that wear down an individual's immune system. What's more visible is less responsiveness, ideas and interpersonal communication. So a lot of business and health care success has to do with changing things before they slide. 


   Results Speaker Robert Kutchera has solved the morale, attitude and teamwork problems of the most demanding organizations: Three years of success in a teaching psychiatric hospital with 120 patients. Plus working with two large multi-national sales organizations. Today, if you are faced with doubts in 2012, get good preventive maintenance for your most important asset. Because employees will return the favor prosperously.  


    Robert helps your team loyalty and productivity through 

recognition programs that make you the hero. 

   Building those team relationships and friends at work is key. Because a best friend on the job is a good guarantee of personal success on the job. 

   Remember the funny "I Love Lucy" episode with Lucy and Ethel on the fast-moving assembly line at the chocolate factory? They made it in part because they worked together as friends. Because even too much chocolate is too much of a rush. And Lucy would probably have never showed up for work without her best friend there. 


    Results Speaker Robert Kutchera's Wellness Prosperity participant-centered achievement programs foster a can-do spirit within each individual. Plus marvelous ways that diffuse co-workers as a source of stress on the job.

    If you find there's more job strain and less cooperation, you need this transforming, imaginative program. 

   This is the new wellness program for work. So we all sleep better at night. So we're open to those bright breezy challenges and new possibilities tomorrow. So we can all deal with the next crazy situation that pops up.

     What really makes  MORE STRESS kick in? 


When we have to give up something we need to do, to do something else. 


Then of course the clock says, "Time's up!"

The reality is opportunity is not a lengthy visitor. 

 Here's the solution.

     Part of sanity is increasing space around your serenity.  A calm meadow of prime real estate, nestled between you and the next challenge. Most wellness programs deal with stress as if it's a runaway train. You don't need that. This innovative program helps you get off the train before it leaves the station. Interactive, realization, and humor wrapped in peace of mind. With one undeniable fact: We're all waiting for the next moment that we can laugh. 

   Something wonderful is about to happen in your life.  In his unfailingly upbeat manner, Robert Kutchera helps you steer through unrelenting change. And nip desperation before it becomes depression. Winning back workplace peace of mind. Creating allies for you. So what has to get done, doesn't do you in. 

 "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent,  

 but the ones most responsive to change."  Charles Darwin

"I need some silent time, my brain hurts."

As if we didn't already know, time just got worse. It's crazy.  

ahead has us falling more behind. Which is a pain in the...behind every dark cloud has a silver...lining their pockets with your may not buy you happiness...but consider this:

 We spend more time at work 

 than we do with our loved ones, 

 so it makes sense to make it 

 a well being place

We need to know it's okay to laugh. Often. In the face of...'Oh, no I need to submit another form? Or, I've been in the wrong line for 20 minutes? Or, I promise to be good if you don't return me to the main menu, I just want to hear a real person on the phone, even if it's heavy breathing...because the air quality is so bad I can't breathe...a sign of relief by fortunately there's that Wellness Prosperity Workshop that clears the cobwebs in our minds, one strand at a time.

 Robert Kutchera does something remarkable with the stress we endure. 

 He helps us with it's causes, and ways to use it to our advantage. 

And gives us the gift of laughter. 

     ...But first a word from  'The Never Happy'  Dept.:

 "We need EVERYTHING by yesterday!"  (HELP!)

      Unfair? Sure. But the truth is every person is facing their own struggle. Viktor E. Frankl* once remarked we're either in a problem, coming out of one or headed toward another. It's called unavoidable suffering. But our happiness level of success is reflected in our powerful ability to choose how we feel that makes us come out way ahead. So change is good choice. For example...

            A dog is sitting on a porch, moaning.

            A passer-by asks the owner, "Why's your dog moaning?" 

            "Oh, he's sittin' on a nail." 

            "Why doesn't he move?" 

         "It doesn't hurt enough for him to move yet. 

            Just enough for him to moan and groan!

    The better-and more rapidly-we respond to change, 

 the more possibilities, 

 the more better choices we have! 

      With wit and uncanny insight, Robert provides remarkable coping strategies for today's workplace adventures. Straightforward wisdom to peace yourself together. For smiles along the way.


      Some 18 million Americans deal with depression. And it's different for men and women. So in anecdotal observations, role-plays and interactive-feedback, Robert relates ways to first discover these concerns. Then he goes on to improve our efficiency, balance and happiness. Showing us, that it's not what happens to us, but what we think happens to us. 

bulletPart of the workshop can be customized to address S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

   With upbeat interactive dialogue, this results-directed workshop targets specific work issues. Giving your group valuable information they can immediately use. Best of all it allows employees to get sooner back to work without their desks pilling up. 

    Importantly, mental distractions, emotional or otherwise, hinder our capacity to be successful. So Robert teaches easy to apply skills that win back the day. And ultimately save our time.  


Participant-centered. Fostering ownership of new behaviors.


Support and commitment pledge in workshop. 


And cooperative teamwork. Because the workplace, by definition, is not automatically imbued with nurture, acceptance and joy. 

     Each customized workshop provides the exact tools you need as a manager, supervisor or team leader. With a variety of beneficial exercises that support training:

Workplace coping lessons, (such as 'Rumors & Fears').


Targeted, participant-centered original role-plays using cognitive humor.


Written and created just for your group. Considered the best way to retain. 

      So that it's entertaining as well as educational, there's a segment showing how to appropriately use humor.  It's situational humor that doesn't hurt or offend. It's... "Humor Good Enough To Tell Mom."  

   Certificates are presented at the end of workshop, highlighting the message attendees have learned. And while it's clever and witty, it's also a reminder that reinforces better thinking and coping skills.

    Robert Kutchera has spent a lifetime discovering how cognitive humor helps us navigate through life successfully. And avoid the downpours of misery. 

This workshop creates outstanding internal communication and builds morale 


Sustaining teamwork in the best sense of the word. 

 "Wellness is another word for advantage. 

 Your home court advantage." 

                                                                  Robert Kutchera      

   You Now Have 

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  


      Your Workplace Champion


*Dr. Viktor Frankl, was a world renowned psychiatrist who suffered years of unspeakable horror in Nazi concentration camps. From this experience came the awareness that life is very much about choices. How we choose to react and feel about events around us. And most important, that our primary motivational force is our search for meaning. In that is our humanity. The choices are ours. 

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