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  If  your  organization  has 

  a  Hurricane  Program,  Please view...

The Storm Recovery Solution

Outstanding Employee Productivity, 

Safety & Better Use of Time

Before & After

Crazy Weather

Because Workplace Stress Travels Faster Than The Big Storm.

   This Interactive Workshop supports what's missing 

in Employee Hurricane Programs:


Shows how to restore your team's daily schedule after a storm


Helps employees get back on time to work in good spirits and happily focused


This workshop changes reluctance to anticipate & plan for lost time as a result of a storm


Remarkable answers for dealing with tough change by creating easier, better choices


 Productivity solutions caused by Stress Absenteeism and Presenteeism*


*Presenteeism is working while sick, but here it's sub-par work caused by (storm) fatigue; depression over loss or damage. 

Also, employees working beyond regular hours, filling in for co-workers, actually contributing to lower team performance. 

Physical exertion issues, (back pain injuries) are hidden lost-productivity costs in the aftermath of storm prep or clean-up by employees. The Storm Recover Solution Workshop offers preventable solutions that solve this. 


Remember whether the storm hits or not,

The Biggest Casualty BEFORE & AFTER

The Big Breeze

Is Always Our Disrupted Daily Schedules.Always Our Disrupted Daily Schedules.

These solutions to lower costs due to Presenteeism & Absenteeism 

are not covered by current hurricane workshops. 

Best of all, The Storm Recovery Solution Workshop is done in a fun, 

participatory learning environment 

that creates commitment with action. 

 So Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera provides the inspired push 

that creates a 'commit plan' for beneficial action.

These workplace productivity solutions were presented at the internationally-attended Governor's Hurricane Conference to reduce challenges before and after a hurricane.  



   By first honoring employees in role-play presentations that inspire a confident plan for action. Best of all, strengthening collaboration and dialogue. That last part dispels fear.  

So after the storm, teamwork and continuity doesn't take a hit.  

This customized program transforms the planning discussion 

to become a real force for action and the common good. 

      It does everything a preparedness plan is supposed to do, but more importantly, 

safeguards individual routines after the wind and rain go. 
   Because traffic headaches and camping out in your living room may last longer than expected.  And if you are a first responder or in healthcare, you'll encounter continual stress.  

So this program instills Cognitive Humor Coping Skills.  To peace yourself together.

Workshop Speaker Credentials:

 Results Speaker Robert Kutchera


Created & Developed The Storm Recovery Solution in 2009.


Experienced seven hurricanes on land two at sea.


Worked for the American Red Cross after hurricane Andrew, 1992.


23 years Professional Speaker, Healthcare Author


14 Workplace Achievement Presentations 


Social Psychologist: Discerns how individuals act and react in groups.


Cognitive Humorist® He makes you think after you laugh.


Developed, received national Title One Grant for Cognitive Humor Psychology® at a medical center.


   How Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera Inspires The Plan's Success:  

Today, there are distractions.  So Robert Kutchera, a recognized expert on Interpersonal Communication, tells transforming stories that inspire an audience's focus and participation (reverse role-plays).  Not only is it memory-remembered, it creates winning conditions and attitudes for everyone in the workplace.  It's really a clever dance that keys into action. 

      Says Robert: "There's a lot of clarity and support in this project.  Because it's about people, their lives, those of co-workers, family, even strangers they'll encounter when bad weather turns everything haywire for months.  I can't afford not to give my absolute best, because attendees have given up work time to listen and participate in learning.  After I finish a workshop, and I'm on quietly on my journey home, I trust I've made individuals safer in the darkness, after a bad storm."  

   Here's something else:  Everyone knows to fill gas tanks, and have a first aid kit.  And if air conditioning goes out, there's a chance of dehydration.  Yet many who haven't experienced a hurricane, are unaware of the even more powerful tornadoes they release.  Or inland flooding caused from weaker storms that stall over an area.  Bottom line, 56% of coastal residents in 11 states haven't a family disaster plan.   

Workshop Title:

"We're Better, TOGETHER!" 

What does it cost? 

About a month's groceries for a family of four. (but they eat out a lot, ha!)

How The Customized Workshop Reaches Individuals To Prepare & Commit:

    Any of these nine categories below may be individually addressed in the workshop. 


Employees, Employers-and Protecting Their Valued Customers


Health Care Professionals: Medical facilities, Nursing Homes, Home Health & Hospice


Voluntary Program: Showing Employees How To Get Families To Sign On To a Plan


Community & Government Responders. (Plus How To Deal With Difficult Personalities)


First Responders; Volunteers


Hospitality Industry; & Tourists caught unaware


Affinity Groups: like Condo Associations & Professional Clubs


Those who speak English as a 2nd language


A special interactive, fun program for Students.  


Three Formats:


Teach The Teachers: For CEO's, Department Leaders & Human Resources Staff 


Employees: Work groups


Vendors & Clients: Interactive discussion for problem avoidance & service interruption   

Who Benefits By Attending:


Top Managers & Ceo's


Human Resource Trainers


Maintenance & Telecommuters


Sales Teams.  (they are the reliable voice of your organization in the field)

    Having This Training In Place Is Like Upbeat Workplace Productivity Insurance.


Research & Current Information:

 We do not know when a hurricane will reach 

the U.S. coast and move inland.

And it's not just that more storms are predicted for this year, 

it's that all it takes is one CAT 2 to demolish our schedule and valuable time.  

A BETTER RESULT: Instilling preparedness and action helps the botom line.


    The Storm Recovery Solution Workshop, which is interactive for problem-solving solutions, was developed to make the individual 'deciding' process easier.  By letting participants create a plan through awareness, co-worker support and preparation.  It then employs experiential methods that bring about enthusiasm to follow through after the storm.  


    And since this is a life-saving subject, it's presented in a supportive, really fun learning environment. To dispel apprehension. That's how everyone gets on board.  For less stress at work...and home.  Above all, it respects an individual's work, time and safety.


   The workshop format can be classroom or auditorium seating, or held in a park-like setting outside.  What better way to plan than see the sky above.  


   Importantly, it is brief, under one hour or less.  With the basic information in handouts so attendees can take notes.  Each presentation is customized and outlined for client feedback. 


  If your work groups are located in many retail outlets, brief training is offered off the sales floor. Also providing  individual coaching for team leaders.   

Best Practices Outcome:  

You return to work and everyone's back too.  


     It teaches to use that remarkable free invention, e-mail, so everyone knows what's going on and what to do.  Because while it's important to have friends (not just on Facebook), it's better  to have teamwork collaboration and time-saving sanity techniques in place 'before & after'.   (humor is a great permission-giver, allowing innovation and creative ideas to take part in great solutions).

      Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera's witty, high-content delivery, teaches productive compliance that motivates & supports a commitment to plan.  With coping solutions and a dash of humor that lessens apprehension and inaction. Above all, kicking stress out the door, letting common sense back in.  The Storm Recovery Solution Workshop inspires individuals to take steps today that delete chaos later.  

This workshop has great coping humor for sanity...later.  Besides, it's only after hurricanes that schedules take a hit and individuals have to perform amazing urban hunts for food, stand in hot lines with nice strangers, go to movies they don't like so they can sit in air conditioning, or fix something for hours that was working perfectly before the storm.  So think of this as 

Protective Storm Shutters For Your Mind.     

Success Benefits: 

    The Storm Recovery Solution Workshop is the upgrade to your organization's current hurricane program.  And it doesn't conflict with what's in place or fears people. Instead, it champions co-workers, teaching better interpersonal dialogue. 

     If you're in Human Resources, Sales, Customer Service or Teamwork, you'll find this smart staff development throughout the year.

On Having A Plan:

"If you can plan it out, and it seems logical to you, then you can do it. 

I discovered the power of a plan."

Robert Ballard, discoverer of the RMS TITANIC wreck, 1985.   

 Denying A Plan, What Happens Next:


Evacuating to the wrong place: 17%, 


Not feeling vulnerable to a hurricane's tornadoes:  54%


Thinking masking tape keeps windows from shattering:  52%


Might or would not evacuate, even if ordered to do so:  13%

   Part Of The Reason for Delay is Worry

Thus delaying action.  So The Storm Recovery Solution also teaches have a co-worker as part of an informal two-person team; a wider perspective to open up thought.  So people can think clearly and plan for safety.

   What A Wider Perspective looks Like:

 Teach someone to swim.  

   Stress is lowered when you help a person.  It's not touchy-feely, it's about empowerment.  That act of kindness in fact, releases serotonin, a 'transmitter' chemical in the brain.   It makes the synapse (between nerves) respond with each other.  But the effect, among other things, imparts self-confidence and feelings of safety and security.  It also makes you a bit sleepy, but that's another story. 

Having a wider perspective takes us out of a troublesome day.  Going with a neighbor or co-worker to an adult Red Cross Swim Class or showing a scared person how to tread water in a shallow pool, is a precious gift.  You might save a life from drowning.    

If you're smiling a little, that's your serotonin helping.

     Results Speaker Robert Kutchera's witty, high-content delivery, teaches productive compliance that motivates & supports a commitment to plan.  With coping solutions and a dash of humor that lessens apprehension and inaction. Above all, kicking stress out the door, letting common sense back in.  The Storm Recovery Solution Workshop inspires individuals to take steps today that delete chaos later.  So that, maybe, we won't have to camp out in our living rooms.


     Thoughtful Facts: 


 Advance time for hurricane warnings have gone from 24 to 36 hours, so residents have time to evacuate. Problem is some might not leave their homes.  "We know," says Chuck Lanza, Broward County director of emergency management, "Anything that isn't a Category 3, 4 or 5, people won't do what's necessary."


More than 91% of coastal companies in 11 states already have data and infrastructure backups.  So the question becomes, what easy, economical compliance solutions can you also have in place to safeguard your most important productivity resource?


Right now, we know cell phones might be out until transmitter towers are repaired.  Or dropped calls. 


There isn't a lot of temporary housing as a result of the past recession.  Plus parks often don't have enough water and electrical hookups for trailers.  Medical facilities may be overwhelmed.  


But worst of all, many people have no plan should a storm threaten, says Bill Johnson, Palm Beach County's emergency management director.  "That really does bother me.  I worries me.  It keeps me up at night."

So in a constructive way, the workshop addresses reluctance to prepare with behavioral techniques and optimistic action that allow the planning process to work for you.   

The Storm Recovery Solution Workshop furthers your organization's objectives by improving initiative with the transforming, productive power of Cognitive Humor Psychology®

Important Workshop Highlights: (can be customized or adapted)


Basics of hurricane preparedness  (Participatory: attendees write & include solutions on their list)


Dyads* between people who've experienced a hurricane and those who haven't. 


How to successfully do the 'storm plan talk' at work & home. (role-play) 


Saving your schedule before & after storm event.  (prioritizing; stress-reduction; humor) 


Demonstrates how co-workers, clients and family benefit with a plan in place.


Light-hearted communication that diffuses situations & people. (understanding what others are facing)


Great food ideas & stretch exercises (no more, 'Oh my back!' after a hurricane)   


Inspiring a common-sense of humor.  Ultimately your best armor. 

   *Dyads are groups of two, informally  facing each other, (can be seated), who briefly share an experience through casual dialogue. (no fear of 'public speaking' because it's one-on-one, even though everyone in the room is participating).   

    A Dyad's purpose is to open thought, visualization, and sustain a learning experience.  One person goes first, then the second. Then comment in turns. (they establish eye contact, so important in communication at work so things aren't forgotten).  

    In this upbeat transforming Dyad,  Robert frames the (timed) discussion: It's objective is to learn and consider what should go in their plan.  All voluntary, they get to express what has changed their awareness or question old habits.  That's why Dyads are called experiential learning.  They then add these points to their list on preparedness.  (hand-written)  

    The benefits:  If we get 30% to buy into a plan,  that's 30% more productivity.  Also, this is honest, in-person communication, before data ear plugs or twittering.  Good for everyday at work too.      

Here's Where We Are Now: 

An uneven economic recovery combined with 

a active hurricane season predicted for this year

makes action imperative-along with these factors:

  More than 54% of coastal and inland employees haven't any storm plan.  Or would stay put and not evacuate-even if asked to do so.  

Yet an approaching hurricane makes everything time-sensitive, so stress absenteeism (protecting homes, dealing with pets, the elderly, a boat) kicks in.  Later, three employees may end up doing the work of five. 

The Storm Recovery Solution Workshop  

provides beneficial, mutual commitment. That's a winner.

    What The Workshop's Like:

        Experiential means they feel the better conditions they create.  Once that happens, they can't 'unfeel it'.  That's lasting learning.  

     And it's interactive, so attendees are focused.  Plus hilariously funny in moments.  That keeps attention and keys into memory.  Several times the workshop has been held outdoors or with sky views though large office windows, rather than a closed training room.

     Reverse Role-Plays are custom-written and performed with regard to your established company policy and H.R. performance values.  Above all, they allow the individual employee to participate in creating a practical plan that's easy and fits their own particular needs and that of the team.

   It also has the benefit of teaching Irresistible Communication &  Wellness Prosperity.  Because, as long as we're getting everyone together, we can make it a wellness/productivity place.  Better communication and stress reduction is a cost savings too.   

   Here's something you may need to know: In a recent survey of Floridians:


11% would ignore evacuation


33% who would, would evacuate to the wrong place


31% have no family disaster plan


34% have no hurricane survival kit

This year it's DIFFERENT

    On-going stress provides a scenario where fewer are prepared-or hedging their bets. What does that say about sales and productivity after a storm? Why should companies have to deal with more uncertainty? This is from the National Survival Institute:

Plus These Productivity Facts:


Employers are faced with a higher degree of stress absenteeism when employees are unable to return for work due to a natural disaster.


Then there's Presenteeism. Sub-par performance far longer than necessary after the storm event.


In many disciplines, such as the health care field, this directly impacts patient care as well as employee communication. In other words, reliable employees, who prepared, are left doing more of the work.  


Imagine how this improves retention and lowers customer costs.  I

Plus Workplace Peace Of Mind.

   You Now Have 

Results Speaker ® Robert Kutchera

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  


      Your Workplace Champion ®


 A Personal Observation...

      "Whenever an expert shows up", says Robert, " it's something different, raises curiosity, we're thinking.  A lot of this is theater. It isn't so much individuals are distracted on purpose.  There are legitimate factors: relentless deadlines, pressures. Hurry Sickness, Agenda Anxiety, Presenteeism, feeding on bad news, sleep deprivation, money worries.  In this case, add obsessing over storm trajectories that increase stress rather than 'doing'. 

     So there's that to overcome.  Especially if you're getting the organization up to speed.  And if it's presented by an outside speaker, it's better received, again because it's unique. 

     Once you move the 'indecision gorilla' out the room, you transform their actions inside.  It has to be done from the start.  Dramatically, without fear, solid education, easy to absorb and some fun.  That's often done magnificently with cognitive humor.  Once they laugh with you, they're on your side and go along.  Either through laughter, applause or by protecting their lives, their important schedules and jobs.  I supported 200 patients in a teaching psychiatric hospital for four years and light humor worked quite well there.  I was in advertising for a decade, so I understand how you persuade the undecided. 

    How an audience responds to new information: Curiously, doing stand-up on cruise ships, I learned by trial and error to convince audiences from that creative perspective.  If you don't deliver, they let you know.  At least they didn't leave in groups, ha!   Also being in a couple of hurricanes at sea in the 70's, where everything's moving, hidden metal things crashing, elevators getting stuck, people walking fast…nowhere, and sea sickness.  I convinced Food & Beverage, as Cruise Director, to serve free carbonated drinks to help sour stomachs and morale.  You learn.  Ships today are always prepared, and with satellites, the bridge changes itinerary fast and we sail away from the storm. On land, there's no Captain to safely steer you.  That's why you have to know your safe escape-and that's part of what the workshop plan teaches you.  

   Years later, on land in Florida, my dining room roof peeled off during hurricane Andrew and split the house for two months.  If I'm told to evacuate, I go to the shelter now.  A lot of this is self-leadership. This is really important to me to help you stay productive, laugh a little-and elevate the commitment."  


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