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Robert's Bio

        How Robert Kutchera became a Results Speaker   

It's been a lifetime observing prosperous human behavior. Who survives, who succeeds.  

Then teaching how the undeniable power of 

Cognitive Humor Psychology transforms our lives. 

    Robert has a distinguished background in Irresistible Communication, Wellness Prosperity

and Cognitive Humor Psychology.

    Supporting individuals and teams by instilling outstanding interpersonal communication 

for winning team collaboration and business results. 


   He's hosted and produced a lively radio program, "The Lighter Side Of Business Life.", writes a witty bilingual healthcare column called "Ask Professor Latino".  And authored sci-fi/adventure screenplays. He studied Graduate Creative Writing under best-selling author Jesse Hill Ford. 

  For three years at a teaching psychiatric hospital, Robert was trained by staff psychiatrists and studied with the Director of Adjunctive Therapy. All while helping and teaching 120 individuals to a wider perspective of responsive social interaction.

   His concept of interactive storytelling and validating humor role-plays showed significant results in some patients, but not all, to re-enter society. As a group doing Cognitive Humor helped release serotonin, the natural well-being chemical in the brain, helped uplift mood and awareness. The result was a sense of aliveness, happiness, not just passively waiting for nothing. 

   This is how he started developing Cognitive Humor Psychology for optimism and persistence in everyday life. Robert's step-dad, a Neurophysiologist, was his medical advisor. He'd call or meet with him and got clear, common-sense medical guidance. This over three decades. He then adapted what he learned to create successful action and balance in one's life. Today his programs have incorporated ingenious deductive logic and Dr. Ed DeBono's Lateral Thinking for a transformed workplace. And for your full life after work.

Cognitive Humor Psychology is a way to achieve 

remarkable workplace conditions for 

lower healthcare costs, higher morale and leadership revenue.

    For Robert, creating and developing Cognitive Humor Psychology (CHP) was a prelude to communication solutions 

on a grand scale before 1,200 individuals at a time. 

After his teaching hospital career, he began work on international cruise ships to see the world. 

A year into it, Robert tried stand-up comedy the first month he was an Assistant Cruise Director

Says Robert, "At least they didn't leave in groups, ha!" 

So determined was he that he apprenticed with a national comedian on board to get it right. 

Learning humor's transforming gift on audiences.

   He also informally practiced Cognitive Humor Psychology  with a crew of 300 from all over the world and later in real-time business applications with two multi-national companies, here and overseas. And so all bases were covered, he taught how to peel away roadblocks and doubt.  Because worry is an imaginary obstacle. 


Few Speakers Have The Range Of 

Audience Commitment and Understanding.

      During a decade in advertising and as corporate convention producer, Robert received The AAF Silver Medal For Creative Excellence in Advertising. He's conceptualized, written, and emceed national sales, healthcare and hospitality meetings plus employee recognition programs. 

    As Statewide Sales Manager, he and his retail team of 60 beat sales records in the '91 recession. He's founded two businesses. And learned what it is to meet a payroll. 

As an American teenager studying languages overseas, Robert found himself in the middle of a communist revolution. He saw families who didn't act, disappear. ...An empty house with the dog running out looking for them. Getting back to the USA, Robert had a new purpose to tell: Taking action is the successful absent part of motivation. Today, Robert gives you that optimistic, inspired drive in your behalf.

    For nine years he traveled in a workplace Hospitality laboratory. He worked with staff of more than 30 nationalities on international cruise ships. Eventually, as as Multi-Lingual Cruise Director, he lived and interacted with 260,000 passengers in nine years, who were his audience, gaining their valuable feedback off-stageFew speakers can say that. 

    As an aspiring writer he was intrigued...a ship full of characters.  He listened intently to professors, politicians, retired school teachers, doctors, H.R. managers, foreign CEO's, programers, a funny former film star, who called herself, 'Miss Usta Be Somebody', plus wonderful everyday people on vacation.  Gaining access that would not have happened on land. He learned their transforming life stories and the how-to of personal victory too. 

       Robert, who also served in the U.S. Navy, says "Midnight buffets were better on cruise ships. You didn't need to bring a can opener!"  In 1989, he founded


Robert's written a hilariously funny, 

heartwarming how-to care giver book: 

"God Would You Hire ME?" 

"I Already Have.". 

 For three years he took care of his lively 89 year old aunt and 11 with his mom. 

When he first put his aunt's dress on her backwards, 

they both agreed it looked better that way.  He was amazed, she just laughed.  

She was teaching him how to care for her.  

Look for it Fall 2015. Robert's Care Giver Book 


   You Now Have 

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera  

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  



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