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Charity & Benefit Events

  Honest Answers for Organizational Prosperity: 

   The day after an event, everyone can breathe a sign of relief. It went well!

   The committee worked hard to make it a success, with great ideas, dedication and little sleep. But could things have run smoother? Were there any bumpy moments? Consider this: 

   This year's event is about next year's success too.

   The decision of who you select to address and entertain, can ensure success for two years, not just one.

Sustaining contributions throughout the year.

   A memorable benefit supports volunteers year 'round too. It's easier to when you consider this:

   Ever since there have been meetings there's been laughter. Done right, an upbeat presentation with generosity of spirit makes all the difference. Honoring all attendees for their participation.

   Results Speaker Robert Kutchera is like meeting insurance. A delightful experience with professional manners. Providing a customized, Satisfaction Guaranteed presentation within your budget requirements.


Providing an outline of his program for your approval.


And always light "Humor Good Enough To Tell Mom." 

  SPECIFICS: Robert has appeared before a variety of audiences. He's addressed and entertained more than 260,000 people from all over the world. That's if you count 853 cruises over nine years on 16 cruise ships. In English, Spanish and some German. 

He is one of the few speakers who's lived with an audience round the clock. Thinking on his feet, adapting to sudden changes. Everything from storms at sea to fashion shows by the crew! Not only as Cruise Director with a multi-lingual staff, but later doing live telecasts on land for benefits. Outstanding reliability with thoughtful happy delivery.

   Robert is keenly aware of audience dynamics. He's worked with the most sensitive groups: Presenting interactive humor-wellness workshops for 200 psychiatric patients in a teaching hospital. As as Information Speaker, he's addressed meetings and conferences in the United States and overseas.

   Significantly, Robert Kutchera knows what goes into an event. And what happens behind the scenes. His background offers you technical and event planning guidance.

 He been as a meeting planner and awards/convention A/V Show Producer and Emcee. He's had a radio program. While in advertising, he co-founded and managed a sound production studio. He's savvy about ways to ensure financial success for your organization with creative ideas that sparkle.

  And something more: 

Making attendees and guests the stars. 

 Because they are the real celebrities.

   You're about to have a wonderful experience for your next fundraiser. 

   You Now Have 

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  


      Your Workplace Champion



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