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Cognitive Humorist

What Cognitive Humorist Robert Kutchera does 

that's different and better than 

a Comic or Humorist?

(What you need to know before your next meeting).


  A Comic tells jokes and makes you laugh. It's comedy material from a routine that's been successful on the road. It may or may not complement meeting's goals. So you must figure how to make the humor fit. 

  A Humorist tells jokes using wit and humor to communicate a message. It's commentary with humorous anecdotes that make you laugh and think. This presentation may be customized. But if you're not a comedy writer, how do you know what will work?   

    It takes guts to get up and do stand-up. Comics have vivid adjectives for the outcome: 

bullet "I bombed!", "I died up there!"  
bullet"I killed them!!!"

 Comedians even have a name for the audience, 

bullet "It's The Monster With A Thousand Eyes..."  

   Both Humorists and Comics have invested time into their act and work hard at doing the best for their audience. After many performances, they know what works for them. But it's like a movie. Until it's all over, you don't know if it's gonna work for your meeting. So if you need laughs, why not go for results too?

Cognitive Humorist Robert Kutchera's presentation are wrapped around your message to give it staying power. He creates original, thought-provoking entertaining material and information that supports your meeting's objectives.  

    Robert presents an outline that supports your goals. After discussion, there's a final draft. Robert also has an extensive background in Audio/Visual presentations and staging so it involves the audience, not overpowers the message. He may suggest an interesting venue that furthers winning conditions and attitudes. Because, if the stimulus doesn't vary the results will remain the same. Or behind the scenes support for your organization's presentors as well. 

   Robert's presentations honor and celebrate attendees, making for a memorable event. That carries over into better morale, loyalty and teamwork. It's perhaps the easiest way to get everyone on board. 

   Consider this: You're getting the expertise of a former Cruise Director, who coordinated 44 events and shows for over a thousand passengers each week. In English, Spanish and some German. How about having Results Speaker Robert Kutchera's sensitivity and knowledge for your next motivational diversity

The humor itself? "It's Humor Good Enough To Tell Mom". Witty-not sarcastic or offensive. Or embarrassing, about people present or absent. (like put-downs on TV sit-coms that make family members look like nerds or worse).

   Robert Kutchera draws on company interviews, that are crossed-checked. Plus his own extensive research, as well as his ability to create funny stories that motivate and provide information. 

   That is one of the reasons it is a successful humor presentation. Because the wisdom and hilarious humor come from where the audience lives day to day. Proving the old adage, 'The funniest things are the most true.' Plus by speaking as an 'outsider' attendees more easily buy into Robert's message. 

 More On Background... Robert Kutchera learned comedy and delivery by watching and interacting with entertainers from across America as they performed on cruise ships. It was like being in vaudeville on the high seas. Imagine if you had lived and worked with more than 30 nationalities from around the world. Interacting with nearly every ethnic, religious and socio-economic group there is for nine years. You'd have a working knowledge of diversity, great for business too. Well that's what Robert Kutchera did working on international cruise ships as Information Officer and later as Cruise Director. But just in case you think it was party time on the high seas, Robert adds, 

"Behind the scenes I dealt with ship-wide loss of power at sea, shore side labor disputes, challenging on-board several languages. Plus a passenger who tragically passed away during a show. All while keeping a thousand guests focused on their vacation. It was powerful training in getting results in a multi-cultural environment...not unlike the workplace today." On a lighter note, Robert, who also served in the U.S. Navy, says "The midnight buffets were better on cruise ships. You didn't need to bring a can opener!"

Said a close friend: "Robert worked through unpredictable circumstances every week. In the process, learning business secrets-and the magic-that help organizations get diverse individuals to succeed as teams." 

   Robert Kutchera has a strong background in sales, customer service and cross-departmental communication. He's an expert in behavioral humor, fluent in Spanish and trained in Social Psychology. He's met and worked with nationalities from all over the world. And when the audience hears his witty, thought-provoking message, they say:

      "That's it! That's the answer I was looking for."

   You Now Have 

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

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