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Irresistible Communication 

Results Speaker ® Robert Kutchera helps you reconnect a distracted world.


The Solution:

When you have Irresistible Communication™, everything falls into place,  you win back time

In fact,  one of the nicest 'prosperity' complements is when someone listens to your ideas.  But while we communicate in more ways and places than ever before, if you've noticed a drop in listening, you're not alone.  Causing most misunderstandings and costly mistakes.  So coming out of this recession,  there’s nothing more valuable than knowing what's going on to get success done.  

What You Want Is Competent Dialogue for Hard-Copy Success.

  Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera demonstrates innovative techniques in Keynotes and Workshops Irresistible Communication™.


Why This Is Timely:  Most interrupted communication and missed opportunity result from relentless deadlines, data overload, sleep deprivation and worry.  There's no intentional human fault to this.  It's rather the fast pace to get more done. And going into a meeting, is probably the first breather an audience has had. So it must offer value for their time spent.  That's why reconnecting to the focused message of Irresistible Communication™, provides a productive way to win back time and secure support.

  What it looks like: Satisfaction

The Benefits: It's a remarkable way for individuals and organizations to achieve more opportunity with less delay.  So what needs to be understood,  results in action.  

  Irresistible Communication™


Creates the profitable exchange of ideas


Fosters understanding; 'thoughts' retention 


Generates winning conditions and attitudes


Reservoir of good will in your behalf (makes you the hero)  

What It Overcomes: Stress absenteeism, inadequate commitment to teamwork and poor cross-departmental communication.  Imagine a meeting room with attendees sitting down to passively listen.  Are you sure you're getting through?

    More than ever,  your success competes with distraction. Why? 


Limited attention spans due to information overload, wrong multi-tasking and Presenteeism


Causing a phenomenon called "Hard of Listening".


Then there's Hurry Sickness: "Sorry...gotta-go". 

   The result is hidden communication damage: Some decline in ideas, cooperation and morale.  The reverse of what keeps everyone energized about work.   

    It's an unproductive disconnect, both written and verbal that's increasingly at odds with training, retention and important communication.   For example, health care has some of the most critical interaction.   Yet everyone is affected in some way today: 


The Disconnect is the result of relentless deadlines and increased concerns since 9/11/01.  Being bombarded with e-mail, voice mail and the kicker, watching bad news before going to bed.  It's a fatigue factor, mental and physical.  


Derailed Teamwork defers problem-solving.  What good is 'team work' if inner conversations are about self-preservation.  Expressed as 'Agenda Anxiety':  Being interrupted before one finishes their point.  What if loyalty is overlooked? 

 Other Results of Poor Listening: Wrong Multi-Tasking Has Eaten Away at attention span and productivity because the process of multi-tasking is misapplied.  For example, thinking two different thoughts cannot be multi-tasked, whereas several physical tasks can.  There's more than a 60% drop in comprehension when individuals try to compose an e-mail at the same time they're having a conversation on the phone.  They can SWITCH between them, but not do them simultaneously.  The brain can do several physical tasks at once however.  It can decide to mop the floor, eat a chocolate cookie, scratch the nose, get on the scale and reach for the phone, all at the same time.   But the e-mailer who's also holding a different conversation on the phone, lets valuable information slip away.   That's where successful task completion takes a hit and costly errors take place.   

   Results Speaker Robert Kutchera teaches Irresistible Communication™ with transformational DYADS (groups of 2) on how to listen, multi-task and present your information to better achieve personal success. 

  Irresistible Communication™ significantly changes and improves interpersonal, cross-departmental and sales communication:  Establishing outstanding customer service, co-worker or patient interaction.  Plus areas of employee training, staff meetings, electronic communication and good collaboration. 

So everyone wins. 

    Irresistible Communication™  has everything to do with delivering verbal or non-verbal interaction that provides mutual understanding so ideas and work can proceed.  Behaviorists tell us if the stimulus doesn’t change, new material will not be absorbed.  It has to be clever enough to capture the imagination.  Therein lies the powerful side of Irresistible Communication™. And it supports business and health care objectives like nothing else.  By significantly changing and improving attitudes and conditions.  For allies when you need them the most.

"There are no rules here. We’re just trying to accomplish something."

Thomas Edison

  Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera's customized presentations bring out the best in your team. Workshops that are innovative, fun and goal-specific. Employing Participant-Centered Learning. Considered the best way to learn.  

Productive meetings accomplished in less time. So attendees can get back to their desks. 

Irresistible Communication™

Get ready to reconnect!

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Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera

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