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Your Inspired Success!  

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera brings out the best in people 

and what they do at work.



   Robert Kutchera demonstrates how to achieve more opportunity with less disconnects by having Irresistible Communication. So what needs to be understood, results in success. 


  Competitive Thinking takes you to profitable idea formation. Helping to illuminate strategies that lead to action.


   Stress reduction has a new name and purpose: Wellness Prosperity. Showing individuals how to succeed despite deadlines and frustration. A message of encouragement that acts like a port in the storm. So they sleep better at night. And are open to those marvelous, bright challenges and new possibilities the next day. Prepared for the next crazy situation.

   Best of all, these presentations significantly change and improve how people listen, think, and work together. For example, 70% of work today is collaborative, while only 30% is done on an individual basis. So anything that helps you gain allies, wins back your time.

"Time is nature's way of keeping everything from 

happening at once." 

    Robert's presentations offer a sparkling wit that's right on target. Like, "Human Beings For Common Sense", supports individuals with good life balance.

    He imparts a generosity of spirit that transforms audiences. Fostering trust and cooperation in the workplace. A remarkable skill that creates winning conditions and attitudes for everyone. 

    You're in for a fascinating adventure. A Human Resource manager in Latin America recently summed up Robert Kutchera's presentations this way:


 "Remember how your favorite teacher made the class both challenging and fun? How you were energized by what you learned?  That's what Robert's presentations are like." 


     Since 9/11/01, sleep fatigue and 'Agenda Anxiety' (where people finish your sentence), have conspired to interrupt teamwork and morale. Other subtle workplace behaviors, such as e-mail gossip as a device to control and avoidance of perceived difficult people (who work out of fear) have added to the disconnect. So it's more profound than time wasted surfing the web. Yet everyone in some way pays the price. By getting home later. 


     Robert Kutchera has created Transforming Experiential Programs 

that increase Productivity & Camaraderie. 


      Individuals and teams get to actively participate in the success strategy of their organization. Moreover they regain a work-fellowship commitment. That's another benefit because we spend more time at work than with our loved ones, so we can make it a wellness place too. All through the strategic power of Pattern Switching and Cognitive Humor. It's like Cubicle Comfort Food without the calories. Nothing magnifies your possibilities better. It's an inspired, collaborative experience. With a dash of fun.


Just Between Us...


    Humor is welcome in meetings, because it lets tension out of the room-so the message can get through..


But What Is This Powerful Humor? 

     It's Cognitive, Observational Humor, or Cog Humor for short, stimulating creativity, spirited effort and terrific morale. 

    What it's not is clown noses or bad jokes that go nowhere...  In fact, Cognitive Humor is is the only kind of humor  in America that's tied to personal success.  

    Cognitive Humor Psychology was developed successfully for purpose.  It opens a thinking perspective and some attitudinal change.  What it does for organizations is entrepreneurial focus, cost-saving wellness and rich interpersonal dialogue. 

    The significance of  Cognitive Humor Psychology provides information retention plus motivation for effective action.  It reduces workplace stress that causes emotional shutdown,  resulting in shallow breathing.  

Cognitive Humor Psychology  instills the aerobic benefit of deep breathing through laughter and vivid word pictures that improves attention and keys into memory.  It makes the information connection stronger by being participatory as well.  

Once an audience has 'experienced' better, they can't unfeel it. 

That's how you win them over.   


  What defines success today? 

Getting through e-mail. Well, yes. But there's more value in profitable cooperation today. 

Besides less frustration, not more, gets the job done. 

So go ahead, call your work area,  "The Spa!"  (bet you're smiling now)  


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   Know anyone working in a stress factory? Then you can't go with a better solution. As an Adjunctive Psychology Therapist, Robert actively helped individuals in a teaching hospital overcome roadblocks. So he didn't just study stress reduction, he went to work with interactive, reality-based cognitive humor workshops.


   You Now Have 

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

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