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What Results Speaker™ Robert Kutchera instills :

Cognitive Humor Psychology®

It's the most significant interpersonal communication, productivity wellness breakthrough 

that installs mutual, winning conditions and attitudes at work and after work.  It's a masterpiece of 


Irresistible Communication™ followed by Seductive Listening.


With Competitive Thinking™, so you win them over,


And Wellness Prosperity™ for time-released stress reduction. 

What It Overcomes:

It's a distracted world today.  Listening is in short supply, even though we communicate in more ways and places.  Yet more critical information is delivered non-verbally (texting, e-mail.)  Plus in-person communication displays a lack of body language understanding too. In fact cognitive communication studies show that up to 65% of your meaning and intention is miss-read or lost in all communication.  But there are several factors you can control.  

The Answer:

Irresistible Communication™ Wins Them Over Like Nothing Else:  

They listen intently, wholeheartedly collaborate like it's a home run.

You see it happen with enthusiasm and success.

That's if you also use the most convincing, successful skill:

  Cognitive Humor®

Objectives sink in, behavior's changed.  And they really like you for it.

Okay, why?

   This experiential humor (meaning it brings up a feeling-bonding connection), interrupts random thinking, disarming an otherwise on-going mental process so your incoming message is bought into because clever seductive listening has been rebooted too.  

    The happy result? Everyone works toward a nice chunk of prosperity.  And stress is definitely deleted by half.

    Robert Kutchera developed Cognitive Humor Psychology® in a teaching psychiatric hospital where he worked four years to improve the interactive social skills of his 200 patients through outstanding interpersonal communication.  He is a Psychology Adjunctive Therapist, having also assisted in the operating room an additional year.

    Continuing his communication studies, he worked nine years lecturing, entertaining and interacting with more than 260,000 passengers from across America and around the world on international cruise ships.  (he apprenticed for a year with a national TV sitcom comedian and did comedy performances in English, Spanish and German). In fact while he performed comedy, he surreptitiously learned how to make audience more receptive to his humor and life-saving information.  That last part was critical to his SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) instructions on fires and abandon ship drills on each cruise.  Robert did 854 cruises of 3 to 21 days in duration.    

     A bit of Neurology and brain fun: Cognitive Humor® articulates two separate parts in the brain, something that logical thinking does not do. Once the brain has figured the humor incongruity, it next travels to the brain's pleasure center, creating the reward of laughter. 

   THE COOL PART:  Your workplace message, is UNDERSTOOD through to the highest level of acceptance, that then becomes the most powerful pusher for beneficial change.  Two ways the brain remembers and/or buys into a situation: Through humor or fear.  You can 'fear' people into doing something, but this humor creates the positive response at work you need for action.  There's too much fear out there anyway.    

Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera is also a Cognitive Humorist®  

He developed and teaches this sanity miracle of transforming Cognitive Humor®.

How the brain remembers a vital lesson with Cog Humor™:

   [Premise Set-up Line]  "The definition of a true friend: [Vivid Punchline] Someone who watches your clothes while you go skinny dipping."   [Cognitive Life Lesson]  "So choose friends well."

  The set up line creates something called "Trainwrecks Of The Mind", a derailing of other thoughts, so you unmistakably get through and teach the Cognitive Life Lesson..."Choose good friends." 

  Cog Humor ™ is powerful stuff.  It keeps the vivid punchline in short-term (current) memory to act on.  That means individuals are reminded to apply good friendship with reciprocity: "I'm a good friend too." 

   Examining the punchline: It may seem a bit risqué, however it's context is the effective solution, changing behavior with the team building result: Being a good work friend works wonders for the bottom line.  Outstanding collaboration through dialogue results in cooperation because of the strong 'Common Humor Bond', that instills camaraderie.  "You only find out who is swimming naked
when the tide goes out."Warren Buffett:

Cog Humor ™ instills lucrative teamwork reciprocity


   Robert also taught sales persuasion in a remarkable way:  On his radio program and writing award-winning advertising.  He also produced/emceed well-received, national sales meetings during a decade in advertising.  He teaches these strategies from his three careers in people-to-people communication.  Now your e-mails will get that lucrative response. 


In 14 programs, Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera changes dynamics that replaces short-lived motivation with winning, lasting conditions and attitudes.


Why Motivation Alone Doesn't Work:

A week after the motivational presentation, hi-fives were gone.

Inspirational words, team exercises were forgotten.

Heck, everything's back at work the way it was. 

What happened?    

  The call to action, plus a compelling, group validating push, wasn't given.  

Imagine going into battle, not telling troops to "Charge!"

THE CORRECT FORMULA: Inspired Action for Results, 

Sustaining Teams On The Job.

That's what Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera does.

Here's That Meeting Success:


Attendees gain a transforming benefit after attending: "Now we talk together, not past each other." Communication is the essence of team success.  


Personal electronics are a meeting distraction.  It drops average meeting comprehension from 70% to 18%.  The brain in it's structure, cannot work two thoughts simultaneously. You can't type an e-mail at the same time have a coherent phone conversation. (You can do several physical tasks at once like drink water, change your position in the seat, hold a pen, move the pad of paper).  So Robert doesn't add to the electronic distractions.  There is no Power point. That's critical.  (if the room isn't dark, they focus). 


It is experiential.  To the point that it appeals to self-interest. Meaning they get the opportunity to feel, interact, to commit. It's stimulates memory retention, they recall it later. Vivid is the difference.  Hearing and seeing alone do not bring lasting circumstances necessary to achieve effective results.  Individuals can't be bored people into buying...anything.

Next Logical Question: 

   The most powerful moment in a meeting is the ending. It's when management seals the deal, where they ask for the sale:  "We will do this with confidence, together!"   

   So why does the motivational speaker receive a standing ovation, but not the audience that needs to carry out an organization's success?  Think about that.  Who's getting validated, who's left out?

"Success is not for the timid. It is for those who seek guidance, 

make decisions, and take decisive action."

Jose Silva was a American parapsychologist and author.

What Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera does: 

    At the presentation conclusion, Robert orchestrates a home run.  (Attendees have previously been asked to dress well). It's all part of his trademark solution that creates mutual, winning conditions and attitudes for upbeat compliance.  Here's what it looks like: 

Attendees are applauded by everyone in management, including team leaders.

Then in a significant departure, individual employees are asked to come to the podium, like a graduation.  That's the magic, because once a person walks on stage and looks at the entire room, they've 'arrived at the seat of power'.  Once they've felt that prestige, they can't un-feel it.  That's Experiential Learning' that changes mindset. 

   At the podium, each attendee is then announced by a department head, and he or she receives the high honor of a personal, congratulatory handshake from the Chairman Of The Board and have their picture taken along with receiving a professional certificate. Then both CEO and attendee sign.  Another great picture.  

    That shared moment says they support each other.  Done publicly, it has much more impact than e-mail. Again, it must be a vivid memory. (e-mail hides body language, a communications disaster.)  Now you have lasting results. 

    What follows next morning, is an interactive workshop of employees and team leaders from two different departments, (say, Customer Service & Sales) orchestrated and presented by Results Speaker ® Robert Kutchera. Having two unrelated departments, shakes things up a bit, creating a wider perspective, reducing stereotypes.

   This does another remarkable thing: It focuses on a key issue that everyone the day before agreed to work on.  (So they thought about it overnight.)  Like building powerful dialogue bridges of collaboration from two groups that usually do not have regular contact. Now you have better cross-departmental dialogue installed.  

   It's an entrepreneurial, solution-driven program that includes deeply researched, scripted DYADS, reverse role-plays and a balanced historical, humorous skit for open-ended thinking, that importantly addresses a past stubborn issue by problem-solving it out of the way together.

   Why This Works: 

     Why are people harder to reach today?  Why have we become a society that's 'Hard Of Listening', even though we communicate in more incredible ways and places than ever before?

    Why is your meeting motivation or team building not getting sustained results?

    And why does it fizz out so darn fast?  Is there a better way to spend training and meeting dollars to overcome complacency and stress-related low morale and loyalty?

    To know the reason and eventual success for why people act, react and influence each other in a place and situation, there is the scientific study called Social Psychology. 

    It's also concerns how people think about, control and relate to one another. Robert Kutchera is certainly a master in this study.


His interpersonal communication research for patient success was awarded a national Title One Funding grant for him and his staff.  Robert reversed the mental distractions of a significant minority of his more than 120 psychiatric patients during three years in a teaching hospital. That's where he went from being a motivator to Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera and that's where he developed the the three-tier, breakthrough called Cognitive Humor Psychology®.  


He broke through barriers to communication with more than 30 nationalities he shared workspace on international cruise ships for nine years.  And to more than 260,000 passengers from across America and around the globe. All through a process that makes you laugh and then think about it: Cognitive Humor.


To the random audiences tuning into broadcast programs, he wrote radio commercials that grabbed the listener through Theater Of The Mind-Word Pictures.


Today these three concepts change the way individuals listen and buy into team success-and that of their own.

Ultimately, it's an important reality: 

Difference between only motivation and what solution-driven  

Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera does: 

"I'm not leaving the meeting until lucrative interpersonal communication is established, 

mutual goals are bought into, and repeated, so they infuse action and authentic teamwork.  

So wow-prosperous conditions have a lasting chance of succeeding."


Methodology:  What's Different Here.

Today we communicate in more ways and places than ever before, yet there's a disconnect .  The Joint Commission (Joint Commission on Acreditation of Healthcare Organizations stated in 2006 that poor communication was the cause of more errors in health care.  True in all fields.  But it's really the result of many factors:  Relentless deadlines, 'Agenda Anxiety', 'Hurry Sickness'  Sleep Deprivation, Wrong Multi-Tasking and Presenteeism.  So you have to be different and new in your approach to motivating for success. And push for that commitment to do it.  


People also need to know it's okay to laugh at frustrations they face. That there's opportunity...before they leave the room.  You've got to go that one step further, for results they buy into.  That happens best with Cognitive Humor, a 'makeover' outlook.  Otherwise, all you have is a passive, sitting group.  No matter how rah-rah! and loud the speaker is.  Which doesn't work.  And make sure your audience gets a standing ovation.  Because they're working it out to commit.   


Interactive & Experiential, meaning driven solutions your team co-creates. Experiential involves the senses. No distractions  They work with success and brilliantly run with it.  It's an inspired push that bestows accomplishment and hi-fives.  Not passive 'pretty motivational words'  that fizz out.  As Ben Franklin said,  "Never confuse motion with action." Challenge yourself with this push-powered optimism.  If you're ready for the fresh air of validation, rebooting your business treasury of energy, prosperity and ideas don't miss this.   That's what Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera does: Geared up results.


'Cog Humor™' installs an inspired push for irresistible change and peace of mind. 

What Methodology Achieves:


PROGRAM RETENTION FOR RESULTS:  This methodology boosts comprehension and understanding. Any group in a meeting only remember 30% of what's presented.  Primarily because the program is not repeated in ways that make it memorable.  For attendee action to happen, it must key into short, then long-term memory. Then it must move all their senses to embrace the new and abandon the old. That's what makes it easier later for team leaders to get follow-through. 


TODAY IN 2012, THAT 30% ATTENTION IS DOWN TO 18%  due to a wide range of distraction issues.*


ROBERT EMPLOYS COGNITIVE HUMOR:  To overcome drop-outs in listening by creating a link between memorable (the laughter) and thinking (saved in long-term memory). 


EXTENDS COMMITMENT:  Reinforces organizational politics and procedures as a foundational structure to base the new thinking for action. 

*POOR LISTENING is the result of Presenteeism (sub-par performance due to stress or depression) , 'Agenda Anxiety' where you are interrupted before you finish, 'Hurry Sickness' being too busy to slow down and listen-a fear of bad news, 'Hard of Listening', Little exercise and peace, sleep deprivation.

Here's What You Don't Know About The Powerful Success of Cognitive Humor® & The Brain:

    Humor is the highest form of activity in the brain, above that of reasoning, because in that process, it uses two parts of the brain: One to unravel the incongruity (clever riddle) of the humor posed, to make logic out of it, and two, activating the pleasure/reward center or the fear (amygdala center) (of fight or flight).  

   When something is vivid (either humorous or tragic) it is better remembered.  Attaching a thought  to a command for action, say by a speaker delivering the thought at the moment, it becomes a significant memory, gaining compliance for that action.  Again, because it was delightfully pleasant or terrifying.  Such as mom rewarding you with validation for something you did well, or punishing you for doing wrong.  Same at work with a supervisor.

      Robert teaches Irresistible Communication™ for Seductive Listening for mutual Winning Conditions.  He manifests Workplace Harmony for Deleted Drama. (that's good!) Then installs Team Entrepreneurial Thinking for Rewarded Action.  

      It's a thrilling interactive presentation, an inspired, joyous push that bestows solid accomplishment and hi-fives.  Not passive 'pretty words' that fizzle out. If you're ready to taste the fresh air of self-validation, rebooting your treasure of energy, this is it.  These are spanking new ideas. All put together in the powerful awareness concept called Cognitive Humor Psychology®  


If you're in Health Care, 

Customer Service, Sales or Training,

This Changes Everything:

Today you want an anticipatory program that quickly reverses the dynamics of Hurry Sickness, Presenteeism, Agenda Anxiety, relentless deadlines and incorrect Multi-Tasking.  That solution is Cognitive Humor Psychology® which allows you to get through, key into memory and create challenging, fun and collaborative team work. 

      Robert Kutchera developed Cognitive Humor Psychology® to end the impasse between goals and achievement by restoring optimism for fulfilling workplace environments. That's a significant benefit.

     Welcome To Successful Meetings & Collaborative Success: 

 Robert Kutchera developed the above concept of  Cognitive Humor Psychology® to absolutely get you reconnected and prosperous.  Enhancing training, sales and team support. In fact, his customized speaker presentations help launch a rich collaborative environment for important ideas, enterprise and deleted stress. 

     His philosophy:  "Be good to yourself.  Then act to help others.  

It's like safety procedures on a plane, 'put your oxygen mast on first, then on the child or someone else.' If you pass out, you're no good to anyone, including yourself.  

So take the leap of faith, saying what you need, asking kindly for what you want.

 Because no one's a mind reader, ah!

And show up to help others."

The Result? Magnificence All Around.  Nobody's Left Out.


What Is This Powerful Humor? 

     It's cognitive, observational humor stimulating creativity, team energy and terrific morale. 

    What it's not is clown noses or jokes that go nowhere...  This is the only kind of ® in America that is both motivator and tied to personal success. While it provides laughter, the humor, is an outstanding thinking perspective that opens up attitudinal change. That's the cognitive or teaching element. 

    What it does for organizations is entrepreneurial focus, workplace wellness and rich interpersonal dialogue. Cognitive Humor Psychology® was developed or this purpose.  

    The significance is an improvement in information retention because audiences retain 30% in meetings-and that was before texting.  

Plus today there is more shallow breathing due to stress and dedalines. 

 So a deep, good lasting laugh opens up oxygen for the brain.   

    What defines success today? 

Getting through e-mail. Well, yes. But there's more value in profitable cooperation today. 

Besides less frustration, not more, gets the job done. 

So go ahead, call your work area,  "The Spa!"  (bet you're smiling now)  

THE PROCESS:          

You're in for a Wow Experience for your next meeting. 

Energy and commitment that embraces your group. For the power that makes good things happen. 

Because life is too sweet to put your dreams on hold.


   Results Speaker Robert Kutchera's presentations influence reason by prioritizing successful behavior. With techniques that unlock inspiration and results. Through innovative pattern-switching thinking solutions. Above all, informational presentations that you can include in your workplace goals.

   What It Looks Like: It gains your complete attention so new conversation develops that wouldn't have otherwise. That's how you key in lasting information, whether for sales, training or inspiration. It's sensory changing, from 'That's the way we always do it.' to opening new possibilities.



Results Speaker ® Robert Kutchera

Bestows An Inspired Push To Unlimited Possibilities


Experiential Programs are a remarkable way to reach individuals.

Significantly changing and improving how people listen, communicate and succeed together.

With a welcome victory for business morale.

All part of the enthusiastic process Results Speaker Robert Kutchera teaches and inspires.


      Why Robert Kutchera Is A Valued, Inspiring Speaker...

      By loosing his freedom of speech in a dictatorship, Robert realized that if he ever spoke again freely, his words had to always come from truth and accuracy. By also being a 'Re-American', a kind of refugee and immigrant in his own country, he understood the value of the American Spirit. If any speaker understands the priceless value of words, of inspiring  winning conditions and attitudes, it's Robert. 

     Indeed his life journey in helping individuals reconnect to better interpersonal communication and behavioral transformation is significant for your team: 



   Robert's message of winning over difficulties will create within you 

the success you're meant to have. 

And provide the strategic advantage and joy that inspires you to act. 

  Results Speaker® Robert Kutchera helps boost personal and collaborative victories. 



   Ever Since There Have Been Meetings, There's Been Laughter.  

     Nothing has a higher satisfaction rate than humor. But this is humor to help you like never before: A process that opens up thought for action. Have you ever played with a problem or idea? This is how the right answer is born.


   Robert Kutchera developed this technique by combining cognitive humor with experiential learning. In fact, each original presentation is seamlessly woven around informative content that also entertains. The best of both worlds. 


   You Now Have 

Results Speaker ® Robert Kutchera

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  


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