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  So Until...

        Mondays are history,

         and e-mail answers itself.


        Until difficult environments are diffused,

        and inspired teamwork rules the day.

        Until stress and deadlines fade away,

        and multi-tasking means choosing a great dessert.


        And, until free time isn't gained

        at the expense of something else, 


      Results Speaker Robert Kutchera, B.A., P.A.T. Cognitive Humorist


           Gladys Guma, B.A. , M.A.  Director, Anglo/Hispanic Programs




            Christine Lynn,  B.A., M.A.  Book Editor


Achievement Presentations

for a Confident & Prolific Workplace:

"Do or Do Not...There Is No Try"



This has everything to do with Advancing Your Opportunities.

That's what Results Speaker Robert Kutchera actively installs.


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