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Imagine the value of a speaker who can

inspire an audience as 

diverse as America is today.



    Robert Kutchera's understanding of human nature and business cultures offer diversity solutions for today's multi-national organizations.  


      Best of all, Robert incorporates management objectives with innovative presentations and workshops. 


    The result is


 Outstanding job cooperation, 


 and dependable teamwork 


     Robert spent nine years meeting a cross-section of nearly every nationality on earth. Not just seeing them, but living with them as well.  Watching how they interacted with each other: Norwegians with Koreans, Jamaicans with Irishmen. And Americans in between. 


     He studied how individuals from different parts of the world participated in problem-solving. And while it can be said that most people are basically the same, Robert learned to alert himself to the mix of cultural nuances that go into judgments. Then seeing what succeeded. It was an invaluable experience.


     How did Robert meet so many people? Think, what better way to observe than in a social setting. Where people are relaxed and their guard is down. They came to him as passengers, port officials, staff and crew on cruise ships. (the ever-changing crew had over 30 nationalities alone.)


     It was quite a human laboratory, going 24/7. With an interesting twist: A diverse mix of vacationing passengers, with an equally diverse crew that worked. Robert noticed that there was a dual hierarchy, not unlike the business world: A chain of command for officers and crew, a somewhat relaxed economic/social system for the passengers. 


     From this Robert studied how each group negotiated needs. It was an incredible hands-on learning experience. Says Robert,

  "Think of 2000 people, living in a close-in space. I became skilled at spotting problems before they happened-and solving them. A lot of hard lessons that saved the day. And remember, we were all in the same 'boat'. Not unlike a company with a diverse workforce today."


    Back in the U.S., Robert then worked for an international technology firm. He applied his diversity communications concepts. Since then he has helped organizations clear the cobwebs of misunderstanding. 


     Today, your organization's diversity, training and sales programs will definitely benefit with Robert speaking at


Diversity Day Events


Wellness Workshops


Management Seminars


Award / Recognition Events  


Sales Meetings


     Most important, Robert's ability to build cross-departmental support for your organization, is valuable indeed. 




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