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                          Results Speaker Robert Kutchera

                           Takes YOU To Inspired Success!

                     He's the recognized solution-expert in

                                                                 Rewarded Interpersonal Communication 

                                                                                                  for Relentless Opportunity.

                                                      Because Nothing's More Exciting & Fun

                                                                                 Than Getting Success Done.


Because You Deserve It.

For More Than 23 Years Results Speaker Robert Kutchera  

Has Delivered Relevant Strategies & Skills  

for Lucrative Personal & Professional Development through

Cognitive Humor Psychology

It opens the mind for imaginative thinking &

results that instill beneficial change.

For workplace teams large and small, top management, and professional associations here and in Latin America. 

He's also fluent in Spanish, something rare in a national speaker.

( Independently measured results at Results Speaker Credentials ).

    Honoring teams at Hewlett Packard, Humana, Bank of America, EDS, Hyatt, Blue Cross Blue Shield, 

B.E. Aerospace, Siemens, AvMed, Subway, Vitas and Hilton.  

With content-rich Keynotes, Wellness Prosperity Workshops 

and memorable After Dinner Speeches. 

12 Proven, Thought-Provoking Presentations

Marvelously Entertaining. Equally Life Transforming.

Professional Expertise 

Results Speaker      Cognitive Humorist     Health Care Author     

He was awarded a national Title One Grant  for his development of 

Irresistible Communication  

It abundantly advances Championship Teamwork plus upbeat self-respect

when you need it the most. 

By changing and improving how people listen, cooperate and act together. That's how your treasure arrives.

"If you're passionate about prosperous dialogue," says Kutchera, 

"This is your team triumph."

That research led to his breakthrough,

Cognitive Humor Psychology

"It's your results engine," says Robert, 

Instead of just 'thinking out of the box', 

you're released from logic and ego with cognitive humor. 

Opening doors you didn't know were closed.

An insightful adventure where winning conditions and innovation are hatched." 

Think of it this way: 

More success has been written on napkins, 

often on the spur of the moment.

Why? You're playful. To get the most out of those "Ah!' moments, 

Cognitive Humor Psychology notably launches your pioneering mind.  

Good for your checkbook. Buckets of fun too."


For Individuals, This Is Secure, Lucrative Personal Success.

In Business, it Becomes Your Unstoppable Competitive Advantages:

Irresistible Communication 

Championship Teamwork

Wellness Prosperity

Ready-Steady Allies

Competitive Imagination

Cognitive Humor Psychology 

Time-Released, Stress-Reduction

 Action That Grabs Relentless Opportunity

 And, the Undeniable Benefit: Winning Back Your Time.

This Is How 

Your Satisfaction Arrives.   



  Said Michigan C.E.O. Ed Miller last October:   

   "It's the first time I saw an audience not texting.

Instead he made it a remarkable give-and-take conversation.

Engaged in their cause, 

they unequivocally responded: 

They wanted dialogue, not phony 'short-lived high five' motivation.


There's a powerful amount of  'better' thinking in my organization. I see it happening.

Work has become a good place. His cognitive humor created that.

   I approved Kutchera's check. One of the best experiences I've had paying someone. 

Customer errors are down 22%, no small financial miracle. 

Three weeks later Robert came back as promised, to make sure we were doing it right.

But to see him to get creative workplace solutions stick was the icing on the cake.

So he put himself on the line for this to work, 

that's the difference with a results speaker I believe.

 The only negative, Q & A ran 10 minutes over.

Yet, it speaks to our collaborative talking-and listening-now. They got it. So did I.

Robert was exactly the conference speaker plus workshop leader we needed.  

He got us to reconnect an action focus,

perhaps the most important things a speaker can do."


Few Speakers Have The Range 

Of Audience Understanding & Commitment.

He's gained priceless feedback having lived with his audiences nine years, lecturing on ships. 

He knows diversity success, having also worked with more than 30 nationalities. 

Robert Kutchera developed Irresistible Communication during research in a teaching medical center. 

Where like in every job, accurate communication is indispensable.

He discovered how to make communication responsive

by adding the technique of Seductive Listening

In the second year, he created a healthy benefit, 

calling it Wellness Prosperity.

It diffuses game-playing, for mutual winning conditions and allies.

Finally, it lights up your prosperous problem-solving imagination.

So when the results were in among staff, patients and a diverse workforce, 

he was awarded a national Title One Funding Grant.

Cognitive Humor Psychology is passionate curiosity that grabs someone's undivided attention.

 Making comprehension absolutely rewarding.

Then as they smile, social psychology instills insightful benefits.

So prosperous action results.

Imagine 150 individuals in a meeting, 

newly practicing profitable Irresistible Communication.

Engaged in validated teamwork and customer cooperation that's complete. 

For confident conversation with smiles along the way. 

And by using Cognitive Humor, it takes fear out of the equation.

Because the funniest things are the truest.

Plus the laughter makes it memorable, so it sticks.


       Robert discovered how to reach the most distracted groups you can imagine with Cognitive Humor Psychology.

 His three year successful research on interpersonal communication, lead to award winning careers in advertising, 

healthcare and workplace communication.  Says Robert,

          "Today there are more ways and places to communicate.

               These seven or eight added layers disperse attention.

     That's why you need Cognitive Humor Psychology"

      The solution was the result from three careers: International lecturing and humor, broadcasting and health care.

      He hosted a live radio show on workplace dialogue. Spotting the trend in listening dropouts. Then he taught and 

supported 120 mental patients in a teaching medical center. Learning how goal-oriented humor reduced distracted thoughts.

      As Multi-lingual Cruise Director, he found how audiences stay connected as he lectured and entertained. All by engaging the unique humor curiosity of more than 260,000 individuals. That's how he perfected Irresistible Communication  

     Robert's writing has added ludicrous suspense in his adventure-comedy screenplays, short stories, and a bilingual workplace column. Especially a hilarious, heartwarming how-to care giving book. So it would be funny and uplifting. He used it on local PBS and NPR affiliates to help fundraise. Powerful stuff.



 It's been a lifetime observing prosperous human behavior. 

Who survives, who succeeds. 

And how the undeniable power of humor transforms our lives.  

Robert has had an award-winning career as Creative Director,

during a decade in advertising and as corporate convention producer.

He's received  The AAF Silver Medal For Creative Excellence in Advertising.    

He expanded his communication skills by writing scripts 

and keynote speaking at national sales, 

healthcare and hospitality meetings plus employee recognition events. 

His bilingual workshops have been presented in Central America and the Caribbean. 

Robert has also visited and is familiar with 17 countries.

                      Robert lectured and entertained for nine years as a Multi-Lingual Cruise Director. 

For 260,000 passengers from across America and around the world. He counted his first standing ovation by thanking three ladies who stood up at the end of the show. 

"We're just going to the rest room!" Big laugh. Great lesson. 

But few speakers can say they lived with their audiences for up to two weeks at a time. Their frank feedback was valuable.

He learned workplace diversity solutions by living among 900 staff and crew of many nationalities, 24/7. And to informally do his communication research on a wider scale, in what was a small global gathering. Writing comedy bits for many nationalities in an audience, in one or more languages was hard. In the end, learning that we all laugh in the same language is great.

Luckily, as a writer, he met intriguing characters from all walks of life. Gaining rare access in candid conversation with adventure travelers, global CEO, simple folk, ex-military, sales managers, inventors, hotel managers, nurses, gamblers and retired film stars. One former star laughingly called herself, 'Miss Usta-Be-Sombody.'  It was a rare window into life stories and personal success, unavailable even with a search engine. 

This is where Robert gets the captivating and remarkable stories he tells in his presentations.

  He  has done a lively weekday radio workplace communication show. It was called 

"The Lighter Side Of Business Life."  

It taught  Irresistible Communication based on situations at work, like how to diffuse misunderstandings. 

Plus live business humor skits. 

He's been featured on PBS, NPR and CNN Headline News.

 Robert is also fluent in Spanish something rare in a national speaker.

   Previously, as Statewide Sales Manager in Florida,  he and his retail team of 60 beat sales records in the '91 recession. 

He's founded two businesses. And learned what it is to meet a payroll. 

Today he presents interpersonal communication solutions 

for educational, sales and marketing teams, 

hospitality groups and healthcare organizations.

Health Care Author

He's written a hilarious, heartwarming, how-to book 

about taking care of his aunt and mom. 

"Like when I put my aunt's dress on her backwards, 

we both agreed it looked better that way. 

I was amazed, she just laughed.

Then walking into the crowded turnpike ladies rest room to find her...Oh boy, not good.

Never thought I'd be taking care of a lively older lady.

Yet through the surprises and laughter, she was teaching me 

how to take care of her."

Some care giving memoirs are sad and unsupportive, 

so he wrote

God Would You Hire Me? 

I Already Have.

 Robert's Care Giver Book 



What You Can Expect For Your Meeting:

"Our audience was transformed. You could see it. 

They learned something valuable indeed.  We got to laugh.

Robert's a breath of business fresh air."  Orlando Health Care H.R. Director


    If anyone can make your meeting or training achieve and exceed stated objectives, this is the speaker to consider first. For attendees, it's high-content information programs they can immediately put to use. 

They all include Cognitive Humor Psychology and are offered in English or Spanish Presentations:  

  Presentation Formats:


   You Now Have 

Results Speaker Robert Kutchera  

 For Your Inspired Meeting!  



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